Travel cards for pensioners will be blocked in the Moscow region

Travel cards for pensioners will be blocked in the Moscow region
Travel cards for pensioners will be blocked in the Moscow region
9 November 2020, 16:54SocietyPhoto:
For a long time, the authorities of the Moscow region treated the autumn aggravation of problems with the COVID-19 coronavirus more mildly than in Moscow.

However, both regions are closely related, and the autumn increase in the incidence in the capital also affected the Moscow region, in connection with which the regional authorities began to return a number of restrictions here.

As the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov said, starting from Wednesday, November 11, social cards of residents of the region over 65 years old or suffering from serious illnesses will be blocked. The situation with COVID-19 in the Moscow region remains tense - this region has long been second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg in the number of newly detected cases of coronavirus infection.

Andrey Vorobyov on the air of the TV channel Russia 24 noted that in the Moscow region is very high and the rate of hospitalizations among patients with a dangerous infection. By November 15, about 19 thousand additional beds have been deployed in the region. At the same time, it is the retirees who stay in hospitals longer and get sick more seriously. Explaining the intention to introduce additional restrictions for older people, the governor stated that the authorities "have nothing left, because it is absolutely impossible to get sick". At the same time, there is no strict system of restrictions similar to the one that was in the spring: “You can go to shops, parks, walk along the embankment. But still, the self-isolation system for 65+ is mandatory".

Last week, Andrei Vorobyov, until November 22, extended a number of other restrictions in the Moscow region: a ban on sports, physical culture, leisure, entertainment, entertainment, cultural, exhibition, educational, advertising and other similar events with the full-time presence of citizens (except for training athletes without spectators) , as well as a ban on visiting museums, museum-reserves and palace and park museums (except for walks in their territories).

As of November 9, over the last 24 hours, 660 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the Moscow region, 13 people died. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 92 184 cases and 1714 deaths have been identified in the region, 68 427 people have recovered over the entire period, - notes

In Russia as a whole, a record increase in new cases detected since the beginning of the pandemic has also been recorded - 21 798 people, in total more than 1.7 million people fell ill. The Ministry of Health continues to send its representatives to the regions for "support in connection with the situation with COVID-19", - the Kommersant newspaper notes.

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