More than 15 thousand people died from coronavirus in Russia

More than 15 thousand people died from coronavirus in Russia

10 August 2020, 13:59SocietyPhoto:
Over the past day, 70 patients have died from coronavirus in Russia. The total number of deaths with the diagnosed covid has reached 15,001.

Over the past 24 hours, 5118 new cases of the disease have been detected in the country in 83 regions. The day before, the increase was greater - 5189 positive tests. The total number of detected cases reached 892,654.

Moscow remains among the leaders in terms of the number of detected COVID-19 - 694 cases per day were detected in the capital, a total of 248,228. The Sverdlovsk Region is in second place - 179 per day and 22,446 in total. On the third - St. Petersburg - 157 detected cases of covid for a vulgar day, a total of 33,047 cases.

This is followed by the Moscow Region and the Rostov Region.

In terms of the number of deaths in the regions, the leaders are also Moscow, Sverdlovsk Region and St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in the world has exceeded 20 million. More than 734 thousand patients have died from infection.

Let us recall that both the world and Russia will face the second wave of the pandemic. According to epidemiologist Mikhail Favorov, it may begin in mid-autumn.

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