COVID-19 infection rate in Moscow peaks since September

COVID-19 infection rate in Moscow peaks since September
COVID-19 infection rate in Moscow peaks since September
11 June, 16:55SocietyPhoto: Илья Питалев / РиаНовости
The spread of the new coronavirus infection in Moscow has reached maximum rates that have not been recorded since September 30, 2020.

According to TASS, citing data from the operational headquarters, while the average for Russia, the coronavirus infection rate is 1.2 in the capital, this figure has reached 1.6. This is how many people become infected from contact with one sick person.

“In St. Petersburg, the coefficient is exactly 1, in the Irkutsk region - 1.02, in the Voronezh and Moscow regions - 1.03, in the Nizhny Novgorod region - 1.06, in the Krasnoyarsk region - 1.09, in the Sverdlovsk region - 1, 1", - notes

In recent days, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases in the capital. More than 5,000 people are diagnosed with coronavirus every day. The day before, the figure was 5853 infections, this is the maximum figure for almost six months of observations and almost half of the all-Russian daily increase, which amounted to 12505 cases.

According to the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abel Aganbegyan, every year, including 2019, our mortality rate decreased by an average of 30 thousand per year. In 2016, a total of 1,895,000 people died, and in 2019, 1,801,000 people. More than 90 thousand less. And in 2020, mortality increased, from May it began to grow, and from May to December increased by 341 thousand people. In the first quarter, it increased by 124 thousand people, and in 10 months, from May to March inclusive, 465 thousand people additionally died in our country, and about 500 thousand people will additionally die in a year. Considering the colossal mortality from the coronavirus and the disability, the disability of many survivors, Aganbegyan estimated the economic damage from the pandemic in Russia at 9 trillion rubles.

Meanwhile, the rapid spread of the infection, despite vaccination, continues. If on June 6, 2936 people were infected, then 7 - already 3266, 8 - 3817, 9 - 6245. Thus, in less than a week the daily number of cases doubled.

The total number of infected in the country has reached almost 5.2 million people, more than 125 thousand have died.

Against the backdrop of growing morbidity, some regions began to introduce additional restrictive measures. So, from June 12 to July 1 in Buryatia, by the decision of the regional authorities, food courts in shopping centers, cinemas, theaters and attractions in parks will stop working. Moscow has not yet announced the introduction of additional restrictive measures.

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