Video a minute before death: a football player from Progress team was boiled alive at police station

Video a minute before death: a football player from Progress team was boiled alive at police station
Video a minute before death: a football player from Progress team was boiled alive at police station
12 June 2020, 23:55SocietyPhoto: Vesti.Ru
A video appeared on the Internet of the damage to the heating pipe caused by Ivan Vshivkov, a former player of the Kaliningrad Progress club, who last year was boiled alive in the Kaliningrad police station.

The death of 36-year-old Ivan Vshivkov occurred in October last year. It was reported that the police detained him for petty hooliganism, he was aggressive, broke the video surveillance system and the heating battery, from which he received an extensive burn and subsequently died in the hospital. His mother demanded to check the circumstances of death.


Police claimed that the detained resident of Chernyakhovsk, located in the east of the Kaliningrad region, was drunk. After he was scalded with boiling water, an ambulance was called immediately, but the doctors could not save his life. The mother of the deceased told reporters on the channel that his son “only had his hands safe”, and according to doctors, he was beaten in the ears before his death - when identified, they were blue. State Duma deputy Sergei Shargunov made a request about the need to verify the circumstances of the death of the detainee.

investigative committee in a criminal case of negligence, and the local Ministry of Internal Affairs organized an internal audit. According to its results, two employees of the duty department of the police department in the Moscow region were dismissed, seven employees, including managers, were warned of incomplete compliance with their posts.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that the police department did not provide adequate control over the safe detention and behavior of the administrative detainee, as a result of which he damaged the heating radiator and eventually died himself. Two police officers who had video surveillance data on the behavior of the detainee did not take proper measures to ensure his safe custody, and therefore were dismissed.

According to, a few minutes before hot water poured into the cell, Ivan Vshivkov spoke to the police and promised to pour boiling water over the site, complaining of illegal detention. It can be seen on the frames that he was not fastened to the battery, and at the same time he did not make the impression of a very drunk man, his speech was quite articulate, his coordination of movements was not disturbed.

However, the police clearly provoked the detainee, including calling him “you” and “Valera”, refusing him in connection with a lawyer. Because of this, he finally got angry and broke the pipe, after which the policeman closed the cell under the sound of flowing water.

In March, in the case of the death of Ivan Vshikov, senior police lieutenant Nikolai Plebukh was detained and placed under house arrest. Last day, the second policeman, Alexander Ivanov, was detained; in the near future, the court will choose a preventive measure for him.

The mother of the deceased, Olga Vshivkova, told Rise, that she was shocked by the released record, as it raises even more questions for the investigation:

- Why did this video appear right now? This is above all. Yes, I see that the son himself broke the pipe, and so easily. It is he. There is no installation. But there are many additional questions. After all, this is removed by a policeman, and he is not alone there. They are commenting. They take off into the viewing window. And then just the door closes. As I was in shock then, so it is now. There are even more questions, no answers. I do not think that things are being fair and objective. We will fight further. I do not give up.

The deceased has two children left.

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