The battle for the truth: "Immortal Regiment" trampled the post of the White House on the Web

The battle for the truth: "Immortal Regiment" trampled the post of the White House on the Web

13 May 2020, 15:29
For almost a week now, emotions run high in the White House Instagram. Russian-speaking Internet users continue to write angry messages under a post devoted to the "victory of the United States and Great Britain over the Nazis", and blame the authors of this post for the removal of the "undesirable" comments.

Recall: May 8, the day when VE Day (or Victory in Europe Day) is celebrated in the United States and most countries of the Western Europe, a post appeared on the White House’s official Instagram that caused wide resonance not only in Russia.

whitehouse: On May 8, 1945, America and Great Britain had victory over the Nazis! "America's spirit will always win. In the end, that's what happens

To date, the post has 223 102 comments, almost all of them belong to Russian-speaking users who express their opinion not only in Russian, but also in English. The quantity of the views of the video in the post at the same time is - 2,335,832.

Many people note that this is not the first time they are returning to the discussion thread and repeat their comment intentionally - someone already publishes the comment for the 8th and 11th time, since their previous comments have been deleted.

People not only express an extreme degree of indignation about the White House post, but often list the names of their dead ancestors and even publish poems of the front-line soldiers-poets, as well as the texts of the famous songs of the war years, including the translation into English.

The correspondent of NI carefully leafed through the comments and was able to detect only one comment from the American:

garzone_27: I'm an American and appalled by this post. USSR won that war and sacrificed so much! For our White House to not include them in this post is embarrassing. The USSR also helped us defeat the Japanese and we had them ready to surrender before we dropped the Atomic bomb. We merely dropped the bomb to flex our muscles, keep the USSR at bay and dictate post war outcomes.

There are many stars of Russian show business among those who left comments under the scandalous post.

timatiofficial: Hey, men, you won the Second World War, defended the besieged Leningrad, passed the battle of Stalingrad and hoisted the flag on the Reichstag. You guys are the best. (212,605 likes) Americans invented the Internet! Thank you for that! The Internet now gives you the opportunity to fool people! Nobody will say thank you for this! P.S. The flag of the USSR developed over the Reichstag!

valeriya: Shame on you. Not a word about the Soviet Union ??????? That's the way of your rewriting the history. (89,130 likes)

Baranovskaya_tv: You can change the history of your country and lie to the people of your country but you will never be able to rewrite the history of the world! We know the truth and we will pass it from generation to generation!

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of user comments. Spelling and punctuation of the authors saved.

kruiz56: This year the immortal regiment passed under this post!

bezilast: Roosevelt, unlike many followers, was well aware that it was the USSR that made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism. On April 28, 1942, he declared: “On the European front, the most important event of the past year, without a doubt, was the crushing counterattack of the great Russian army against the powerful German group. The Russian troops destroyed - and continue to destroy - more manpower, planes, tanks and cannons of our common the enemy than all the rest of the United Nations combined. "

vnkulnev: Why did you leave inscriptions in Russian on the Reichstag?

homxom: I think now it’s our duty to come to the White House account every May 9 and remind these morons of the story 👌😂

julia.klyamorova: Zhukov was 1000 times right, saying once: "We have released them, and they will never forgive us for this !!"

melnik_e.k: After this post, I recommend that the head of the White House delete his account

margo_igit: Hello, come to your senses, stop deleting our comments. We wrote and will write, the victory was for our grandfathers and they knew what they were fighting for, they defended our people, our lands from fascism. From the first days of the war, my grandfather Bagdasaryan Kerop Stepanovich beat the enemy with millions of OUR people, residents of the USSR, and you are shameful rats who want to rewrite history, but you will not succeed, as long as we remember, we are proud and whose heroes we have. And you can only open up wars and enmities in other countries. You cannot destroy our memory. Thanks to our grandfathers for the victory. Hello, come to your senses, stop deleting our comments. We wrote and will continue to write, the victory was for our grandfathers and they knew what they were fighting for, they protected our people, our lands from fascism. My grandfather Bagdasaryan Kerop Stepanovich from the first days of the war beat the enemy with millions of OUR people, residents of the USSR, and you are shameful rats who want to rewrite history, but you will not succeed, as long as we remember, are proud and whose about our heroes. And all you can do is open wars and enmities in other countries, you go where you shouldn't. You can't destroy our memory. THANK YOU to our GRANDFATHERS for the Victory.

slovinska_: USSR shifted from other svitov! The fact is, it is impossible to erase from memory, the writing of the blood of our children and children. SHAME USA FOR SUCH POSTS !!!

gorina_irina_: Views are more than 2 million, and comments are 200 tons. We are tormented to delete !!! we will write anyway !!

feechka25: Yesterday there were 219,000 comments, today 218,000, shameful Americans, you can’t even cope with the removal of Russian comments, what victory are you talking about ?! REMEMBER! USSR IS WINNER !!!



lilusha_12: We will write comments every day until you delete this shameful post!

larus_mix: Shamelessly delete comments. Cannot insert lyrics in English "Do Russian Wars Want". True eyes of cutlets?

nikitina_elenakoldi_na: Proud of you 🇷🇺 💪🏻 We’ll show them what it means to make us angry and mock us who fell in battle and our veterans 🤬

But there was also such an opinion:

shamil_m_t: It would be better if you all went to WWII veterans to visit with a package of fruits, but no, even with a box, and you would bring a little meat to them. There would be more sense, and not a war unfolded in the comments. The true memory is in the deed, not in the words, and until you really value those who put up the banner of victory over the Reichstag, you will not prove to anyone any truth. That says it all. Of course, you can call me stupid, and a wise guy, and anyone, but the point is that you are just a pool of pathos and festivity, which is reflected in one day: May 9. And Trump, as he rewrote history, will continue to rewrite it. The moral is only that today your VALID AND CONSTRUCTIVE support is much more important than your ostentatious activity under the publications of the State Department @timatiofficial @tatarkafm @valeriya @victoriabonya and all other "activists"

We recall that the official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, did not leave the post of the White House unattended and spoke as follows:

“One gets the impression that this approach is designed to neutralize the effect of the adoption by the two Presidents of a joint statement on the 75th anniversary of the meeting of Soviet and American soldiers on the Elbe.

... In the Russian-American statement, "The Spirit of the Elbe" was sung, in the Belodomsky tweet - only American. The Russian-American statement speaks of an example of the unification of states, contrary to contradictions, in the Belodome tweet, all but two are excluded from the list of winners.

... Call it what you want: falsification, mockery of common sense, rewriting of history. But when such a comment is made by the official authorities of the country, calling itself the “leader of the free world” and “the defender of democracy,” an implacable fighter against fakes, you cannot put up with this. ”

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