Run, Batka, run ... The best advice to Lukashenko and his gang of punishers

Run, Batka, run ... The best advice to Lukashenko and his gang of punishers
Run, Batka, run ... The best advice to Lukashenko and his gang of punishers
13 August 2020, 11:08Society
The unprecedented, brutal cruelty with which the former president of Belarus puts pressure on his own citizens leaves Lukashenko no chance to remain at the helm of the European state.

The bridges were burned, the masks were thrown off, and each new decision of the so-called Batka ("the Father of the nation") aggravates the situation. The inevitable consequence of this will be the stampede of the dictator.

One of the brightest posts in LiveJournal is devoted to this topic today - it's written by the blogger partizan69_balt. Due to the requirements of Roskomnadzor, we cannot give a hyperlink - the blogger's article contains profanity, which we have replaced with the synonyms. Although it should be admitted that the actions of the Belarusian tontons-macoutes do not deserve any other assessments, except for the abusive ones.

This is so insulting: just yesterday, even taking into account all the costs / exaggerations / violations, you seem to be the president of a relatively stable, albeit not rich, country and the conditional leader of the majority, but today you kick your legs, turn purple with anger and fear, and give orders / kill / everyone who just doesn't like you, covering it up with concern for the country.

What is this medieval instillation of obedience through / violence /? And what is this literal understanding of the phrase "my country"? Who are you to think so? The country is not your mustache. There are no differences between you and any citizen of the country, especially in terms of compliance with laws and the Constitution, there are no, except that you eat / drink / are protected / live at the national expense.

It happens. People no longer like your mossy thoughts, your geopolitical wiggle of hips, your internal political behavior, your jokes, your hairstyle, your talk and ... your mustache. In short, you just / got /. After all, even metal has fatigue, and if this is not taken into account, the wing of an aircraft can fall off regardless of what important creature is on board. And not a single person responsible for safety thinks: "Can't it be that this plane could not fly forever? He is so.... uh, uh... big... brilliant... reliable... stable".

So also responsible citizens understand and see when all the positive potential of the head of the country has been exhausted and his further rule is only negative. Exclusively for the sake of selfish retention of their own power. And no matter how pleasant words, handouts and bonuses this retention is covered up, there always comes a moment when everything good that was done yesterday fades today only from the appearance of your hateful face on TV screens. People not only want to spit on the screen, but also really stick their fists at it. Especially when, with your stupid behavior of a crap lover of power, you yourself aggravate this desire.

After all, Belarus is a small country. Almost a family. And by hitting one, you are guaranteed to hit many. And then what can we say about the crippled, and even more so about the killed? With this escalation of state violence, the social rift will become more and more violent and deeper. And then the answer to the standard question of post-Soviet fakes: "Do you want it to be like in the 90s?", Will be the answer: "Already / anyway?"

Why bring your rule to the point of absurdity? To the point of no return? When the electorate no longer wants to weigh the good / bad / present / future on the scale of life, but just wants to change / boring / wallpaper? Why blunt and provoke a civil war? Is leaving the government so frustrating and frightening with its future lack of demand or criminal prosecution? So before you had to think with your head Before you get a job as president.

And if only this is an argument in reshaping the laws to suit your beloved in order to rule forever, then I assure you that the rope will still end. And do not exaggerate your exaggerated greatness, invented by court licking. Everyone absolutely does not give a shit what will happen to the late person after leaving power: whether their portraits will hang in important offices or will they hang themselves. This is not interesting to anyone, except the lured lackeys and business accomplices. Not for the citizens, not for the country, not for the time, not for the history. So you always have to run on time!..

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