Academician of RAS predicted "military" vaccination against coronavirus

Academician of RAS predicted "military" vaccination against coronavirus
Academician of RAS predicted "military" vaccination against coronavirus
14 May 2020, 10:51SocietyPhoto:
Vaccination against coronavirus in Russia can go on “military path”, said Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation Sergey Kolesnikov (pictured).

According to him, already this fall Russians will be vaccinated against coronavirus in a "military" way. In this case, vaccination will be carried out selectively - not for all citizens, but only for those who work in the foci of the spread of infection, or have risks of a severe course of the disease, the expert said in an interview with the Parliamentary newspaper.

- It is possible that we can go on a military type, given the high mortality and affliction of the population. In this case, not the entire population will begin to be vaccinated, but part of the “threatening” contingent, those who work in the foci of coronavirus infection, as well as people who have risks of a severe course of the disease. Such an experiment may well go, but this is an unconventional way of promoting the vaccine. But if they choose it, then they can start vaccination, relatively speaking, in the fall or on the eve of winter, - said the academician.

He explained that the traditional way would not allow vaccination to be carried out so quickly.

- If you go the traditional way, then the vaccine may appear no earlier than the end of this - the beginning of next year. The most competitive vaccine should be selected. Since it is being developed in several countries, there will be about a hundred competitive vaccines. Next, the start of production will begin, which is also not a quick process. Large capacities are needed to create enough vaccines for our country, ”Kolesnikov is sure.

According to his calculations, the country needs about 10 million doses of the vaccine every year, but to get “sufficient immunity in the population” much more is needed - up to 70 million doses.

Recall that Russian scientists have already developed nine experimental vaccines that have been included in the list of promising for the treatment of coronavirus by the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, in Russia it was proposed to treat COVID-19 with helium - it has long been used in the treatment of acute pulmonary diseases.

More than 4.1 million cases of coronavirus have been detected in the world. In Russia, more than 242 thousand cases of COVID-19 have been identified.

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