"They are our salvation!" American professor praised Generation Z

"They are our salvation!" American professor praised Generation Z
"They are our salvation!" American professor praised Generation Z
14 September, 15:43SocietyPhoto: Фото: americanthinker.com
The college teacher is sure that unlike the others, this generation is less dogmatic and more open to the world.

American professor Robert Jenkins, with over 35 years of teaching experience in colleges, compares in his article ( translated by Igor Pitersky) three generations with which he had to deal: X (born between 1965 and 1980), millennials (1981-1996) and Z ( 1997–2012). The author acknowledges that each of them has smart good guys, but, for example, millennials are more authoritarian, judgmental and arrogant than others. The professor considers them the victims of numerous educational experiments to "instill self-esteem". In addition, their parents raised them "special", and they believed...

They have bad reasoning, flawed evidence, and pathos over logic as rules, and they suffer from an ingrained quasi-religious conviction. They consider themselves to be right without any proof, simply because the smartest - as their parents and teachers urged, the professor summarizes.

That is why one should not be surprised at what is happening in America now, when they began to come to power, to business, to education... This is a culture free from facts, mixed with ignorance, arrogance and ignorance.

However, there is no need to despair, since they are followed by the bright Generation Z, and in it is salvation.

They are both more open and interested in facts and logic, tend to question everything and are committed to the free market. It is not so dogmatic and does not trust ideologists.

The professor cited as an example a discussion about Columbus at one of his seminars. Students from Generation Z, although they did not approve of all his activities, were convinced that he had some "remarkable" qualities, and most importantly, they recognized him as a product of their time, calling on him to be judged by the standards of his era, and not modern.

This Z is more socially liberal than even the baby boomers (post-war generation), but they are not activists. The masks of Antifa and BLM are mostly disaffected millennials, 30-year-old losers who still live with their parents.

However, Gen Z is also able to speak loudly, as happened recently when, gathered in stadiums, young people chanted about pandemic restrictions: "We are not afraid, we just want to live life to the fullest".

The professor called it a hopeful revolt against fear-mongering, senseless restrictions and authoritarianism.

“Unfortunately, we did the exact opposite of what we had to do, and this is what Sweden (and to a lesser extent Florida) did: protect the vulnerable, allowing everyone to go about their business without government interference. If we had followed this strategy from the very beginning, we would be much better now. But it may not be too late. After all, as Gen Z has publicly demonstrated, government cannot stop us from living if we have the courage to do so...”, - he concludes.

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