Cyclone Zelda will hit Central Russia with double force

Cyclone Zelda will hit Central Russia with double force
Cyclone Zelda will hit Central Russia with double force
15 July, 10:27SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг1Mi
The Ministry of Emergency Situations announced storm warnings in the regions of the European part of Russia. Forecasters warn of an increase in the Zelda cyclone that has flown onto the Russian Plain.

As noted by Vesti , St. Petersburg was the first to feel the consequences of the cyclone: after the July heat with a temperature of +24 degrees, it became sharply cold here. The thermometer on July 15 dropped to +16 degrees, in just a couple of hours 12 mm of precipitation poured out.

Similar weather was established on Friday in the entire northern part of European Russia.

Storm cyclone "Zelda" came to Russia a week ago, bringing downpours with squally winds, but so far its power has not been exhausted. Since July 14, storm whirlwinds have covered almost the entire European part of the country: from Murmansk to Volgograd, from the Volga region to the extreme west. In the Moscow region, the bad weather broke out so much that the residents of Balashikha had to remove hail from the streets with buckets.

Rain will continue in the coming days. The most powerful precipitation is expected in the north-west of Russia and in the Volga region. And on the Upper Volga in some places more than a third of the July volume of moisture per day can fall.

Cold air masses from Scandinavia will break into the northwestern regions of the country, as a result, the air temperature will drop to +17-22 degrees.

Since Sunday, showers and thunderstorms have hit Moscow, the air temperature during the day is expected to be +22-23 degrees.

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