All Russian schools will be equipped with cameras that recognize faces

All Russian schools will be equipped with cameras that recognize faces
All Russian schools will be equipped with cameras that recognize faces
16 June 2020, 10:15SocietyPhoto: Медиахолдинг 1Mi
According to information from the public procurement website, all 43 thousand Russian schools are going to be equipped with the cameras with face recognition. It is assumed that this can ensure the safety of children, track when one of them came to school or left it, and detect strangers in the premises.

“The regional education departments acted as the customer, and the National Informatization Center (NRC, part of the Rostec state corporation) acted as the contractor. The total amount of contracts exceeds two billion rubles”, the newspaper Vedomosti notes.

It is assumed that the cameras will be installed on the stairs, in the corridors and halls of schools, as well as outside the building. The cameras were developed by Elvis-Neotec (the Rusnano portfolio company), while it offered more than 28 thousand cameras at a price of about 10 thousand rubles for each. All of them are connected to the Orwell platform - a video surveillance system with the functions of "computer vision". In addition to the system, a face recognition module from NtechLab, also included in the Rostec structure, is connected. It allows real-time detection of faces in the video stream and reconcile them with the database. As a result, it will be possible to allow only authorized users to the school grounds, as well as keep an automated record of employees' working hours and notify parents how diligently their child attends school.

The face recognition system based on NtechLab technology is already used for outdoor cameras in Moscow and cameras in the hallways. For example, with its help, the city authorities identified violators of self-isolation. US companies refuse to provide such police systems in order to avoid violations of ethical standards, the Dozhd TV channel notes.

In February, in Moscow, already 105 thousand video cameras were connected to a single system , which online digitizes faces and compares them with the wanted databases. It was previously noted that the Moscow City Hall plans to spend two billion rubles on this project.

Meanwhile, it is already possible to buy on the black market the possibility of access to video surveillance cameras on the streets, in transport and other public spaces of Moscow, and even access to camera data with a face recognition system. As it turned out, such "services" are most often used by private investigators and scammers.

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