"Olivier" geography: where is the cheapest and where is the most expensive New Year's salad

"Olivier" geography: where is the cheapest and where is the most expensive New Year's salad
"Olivier" geography: where is the cheapest and where is the most expensive New Year's salad
16 December 2020, 16:52SocietyPhoto: kamranaidinov / freepik.com
According to Rosstat, the cost of Olivier salad in Russia in 2020 averages 357 rubles. Journalists from different regions decided to compare the official figures with store prices. Read more in the review by Novye Izvestia.

So, for Rosstat's "Olivier" you need pickled cucumbers (400 grams), a can of green peas, potatoes (500 grams), carrots (200 grams), boiled sausage (300 grams), four chicken eggs, onions (100 grams), mayonnaise (200 grams). This should be enough for eight servings.

The cheapest "Olivier" according to this recipe can be prepared in the Omsk region. Saving, journalists' Gorod55 "bought the necessary ingredients in a large trading network for 246.62 rubles. “For comparison, when choosing the most expensive products, the figure rose to 466.28 rubles. For the most part, the difference is due to the cost of cooked sausage: this is the product with the highest price range, ”the newspaper said.

This is followed by a New Year's salad from Tagil, which cost TagilCity.ru journalists 281 rubles. They compared prices in three different supermarkets and “bought” the products at the lowest prices. “A ready-made salad in the stores of Nizhny Tagil costs a little more than a set of products for cooking - 290 rubles per kilogram,” the journalists note.

In the Stavropol Territory, "Olivier" for eight, if "catching promotions and choosing simpler products", can be prepared for 320 rubles. This is the conclusion reached by NewsTracker correspondents. This year, a traditional salad will cost Stavropol residents 32 rubles more than on the eve of 2020.

In the Orenburg region, the "Olivier index" has also grown significantly. If last year, 56orb.ru journalists prepared a salad for 360 rubles, then this year - for 420. And this is in terms of a kilogram of dish, the newspaper notes.

Journalists of "Our City", in turn, calculated that in 2020 the traditional New Year salad "Olivier" will cost Tyumen residents 482.5 rubles.

But the most expensive New Year's salad is in the Primorsky Territory. There the "Olivier index" this year is already 533.5 rubles. Last year it was 365.29 rubles. This big difference is due to the jump in food prices in recent months. “According to Primstat, on average, food prices have increased by 5.5% since the beginning of the year. First of all, of course, due to the rise in prices for fruits and vegetables by 5% per month and by 13% in relation to December 2019. The absolute record holders are fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, they jumped in price by 20% in a month. In November, potatoes became more expensive by 4%, garlic, fresh white cabbage, and carrots by 5%”, - Vostok-Media writes.

Also, journalists studied the cost of "Olivier" according to a different recipe - with boiled chicken and fresh cucumber. This salad consists of 400 grams of boiled chicken meat, 400 grams of potatoes, four to five eggs, 150 grams of carrots, 400 grams of canned green peas, 200-300 grams of fresh cucumbers and 230 grams of mayonnaise. As a result, you get about two kg of "Olivier", which is enough for eight servings.

So, the cheapest salad according to this recipe turned out in the Rostov region. The cost of "Olivier" was 220.69 rubles. Over the year, New Year's salad rose in price in this region by 9.36% or 18.89 rubles. RostovGazeta notes that its cost was influenced by the rise in prices for vegetables. For example, the price for potatoes in the Rostov region rose by 19.73%, and carrots - by 44.93%. "The acceleration of the annual rate of rise in the price of potatoes and carrots was influenced by low yields due to unfavorable weather conditions," the newspaper writes.

Bashkiria follows in terms of value "Olivier". Mkset journalists were guided by the average prices in popular supermarkets. The cost of the salad was 238.2 rubles.

In third place is Udmurtia. There "Olivier" came out to 267.1 rubles, according to Udm-info. Thus, the Udmurt housewives will cost 89.9 rubles less to prepare the salad than the “average Russian” ones.

A little more expensive New Year's salad will be in Kazan. According to Inkazan's calculations, "Olivier" costs 269 rubles there. This is 88 rubles less than the average in Russia. At the same time, the publication notes that for the calculation of the Olivier index, the OFD Platform used a slightly different salad recipe - with boiled sausage and pickled cucumbers.

In the Belgorod region "Olivier" will cost 289 rubles. “In general, the cost for two kilos of a dish has increased by 46 rubles. In 2019, according to Rosstat, the cost of a New Year's salad for residents of the Belgorod region was 243 rubles", - Bel.ru reports.

According to NewsNN estimates, in order to cook Olivier with chicken and fresh cucumbers in the Nizhny Novgorod region, you will need food for a total of 292.1 rubles. But according to the Rosstat recipe, the salad will be more expensive - 368.2 rubles. This cost is higher than the national average.

The most expensive "Olivier" recipe with chicken and fresh cucumbers is in the Volgograd region. There it will cost 301.67 rubles. At the same time, the journalists tried to save money. Still, they did not take canned peas for 22.99 rubles per can, so as not to spoil the salad, they took it for 89.99 rubles. “It is worth noting that the classic recipe with boiled sausage, which Rosstat uses in its calculations, would be more expensive. At least last year, the editorial version of the purchase of ingredients cost 429 rubles, "the journalists of Novosti Volgograda note.

Earlier, Georgy Ostapkovich, director of the HSE Center for Market Research, told NI that this year the Olivier index will grow by a maximum of 4% - 5%. At the same time, he believes that the Russians will prepare this salad in smaller quantities - as much as is necessary for the festive table.

“There is a philosophical moment here - the Russian soul. A Russian person, so that his income does not happen, for him the New Year is “give, but make a gift,” give, but celebrate with your family. This is such a psychological moment, a holiday, when people do not spare their income, get into debt, but buy everything they need to celebrate”, -Ostapkovich said.

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