Sanctions will hit in the teeth: dentists are left without imported materials and medicines

Sanctions will hit in the teeth: dentists are left without imported materials and medicines
Sanctions will hit in the teeth: dentists are left without imported materials and medicines
17 March, 10:17SocietyPhoto: Фото: 1MI
It is no secret that Western sanctions have affected literally all Russian industries, including healthcare.

For example, those who lived in the USSR remember well how painful dental treatment was, and how the situation changed after the collapse of the Soviet empire, when modern dental equipment, materials and medicines began to enter the country. It is believed that dentistry became one of the main achievements of the consumer economy in Russia, when Russians finally became available not only for high-quality dental treatment, but also without torture by painful procedures, reminds journalist Pavel Pryanikov. At the same time, he draws attention to the fact that now almost all materials and equipment are imported, and if there is something Russian in this area, it is only formally, and it is also based on imported components and technologies. And what have we got now?

Omsk network publication NGS55 writes about this. His journalists interviewed local dentists.

In short, the increase in prices for services by 30-100% (many things have already become more expensive now). But they are especially afraid of stopping the supply of anesthesia:

So the dentist-orthopedist, Evgeny Zolotaev warns:

“For example, I see no alternative to imported anesthetics. Switching back to lidocaine in large five-cc syringes with thick needles is a step back 30 years. When I was in college, we used them. Now such anesthesia is used in the provision of free medical care. If there are no anesthetics, then we will produce lidocaine. True, this is not quite a dental preparation: it is from cardiology.

His colleague, maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist Vladislav Abend is sure that the prices for his services will rise: “Now there is no reason to increase the cost of the work. But, unfortunately, you will have to increase the cost of consumables. We will monitor it all every day. Today I looked at the prices for implants - everything is quite sad. ”

The director of one of the Omsk dental clinics, Dmitry Perkovsky, is also pessimistic: “Suppliers cannot say anything definite yet. Shipments from Moscow were stopped almost immediately. What were the leftovers - they were instantly sold out. If something appears, then immediately sort it out.

We mainly have European materials, German and equipment. Everything is sad with Russian analogues: impression masses, cements, filling materials are not of the same quality - the composite does not hold, it is inconvenient to work with it. Skolkovo offers some Russian implants, but they cost the same as Korean ones. I don’t know how much Korean and Chinese implants will cost now”.

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