Bugs and worms were added to the set of products for Moscow preschool children

Bugs and worms were added to the set of products for Moscow preschool children
Bugs and worms were added to the set of products for Moscow preschool children
17 May 2020, 14:49Society
"Meat" in cereals appears only if the manufacturer has not complied with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. In such cases, in cereals appear: drugstore beetles, mealworms, meal beetles and weevils.

In a free grocery kit for Moscow preschoolers, the bugs quietly got along with the larvae of the polyphagous humpback fly.

Oleg Goryunov

The humpback fly most often lives in cereals produced in India. This insect not only destroys plantings and spoils products - from fish and cheese to fruits and vegetables - but is dangerous for humans and animals. It transfers cholera and causes miases. The fly moves along with transport, products, humans and animals.

In the Moscow “package”, all the larvae were alive, and freely moved inside the sealed package.

Watch the video shot by the recipient of assistance for low-income families here.

About 100 people commented on the news about “meat” in the grocery set for metropolitan preschoolers:

Strange markings on rice. 02/18/20 and 03/18/20. I have never met a shelf life of rice with a length of a month. Something is wrong here.😮

And why are you doing this?? How much did this rice need to be stored in order to show it now everyone?? But do not show me this here, better go to court😉

Sergey Sergeev, I think the questions here are not only to Sobyanin. Better look at the manufacturer. How did he achieve the best prices and terms of the supply tender. It is shameful that he knew the focus initially: providing children with the food. And has shipped such a grunge (((

Interestingly, is it only in the sets or they really cook the same for children??

huh, with the "meat"

Oh god, take what we've got!

probably, the blind people completed these sets.

It is noteworthy that only one comment contained advice to go to court ...

Everything suggests that Muscovites are gradually getting used to poor-quality products that are given to poor families during the coronavirus period.

On May 1, NI published an article on a similar situation: " Living worms in canned fish: the Department of Education helped low-income families."

As in May Day history, on May 16 all other products turned out to be quite high-quality and edible.

"NI" join the board "appeal to the court." If laboratory studies of Rospotrebnadzor confirm our assumption that the larvae of the humpback fly lived in rice, the entire batch of rice will need to be destroyed - this insect is too dangerous.

There is no doubt that the Moscow Department of Education and Science, which is responsible for distributing humanitarian aid for schoolchildren and preschoolers in the capital, will refuse a negligent food supplier and find out the personal responsibility of the school director who made such a scandalous purchase. In addition, even distance learning does not involve such "visual" biology lessons with preschoolers.

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