Petersburg's police received a denunciation on a deputy who tore up the portrait of Putin

Petersburg's police received a denunciation on a deputy who tore up the portrait of Putin

19 November , 12:26SocietyPhoto: Диана Серая / Twitter
The police in St. Petersburg began an investigation at the request of an employee of the administration of the municipal formation "Smolninskoe". She complained about the actions of a local deputy who tore up Putin's portrait.

The police arrived at the building of the council of the municipal formation "Smolninskoe" after a complaint from an employee of the local administration. As MPs Nikita Yuferev and Diana Seraya told, the conflict between the MPs and officials became the reason for the police proceedings.

“Our confrontation with the administration has begun. All the time we leave, they hang a portrait of Putin. When we come to the council, we hang a portrait of Pushkin on this place”, - said Diana Seraya.

Arriving at work on November 18, Nikita Yuferev discovered the loss of his poster with Pushkin. Pushkin's place was taken by a portrait of Putin. Seeing the substitution, the deputy got angry and tore up the substitute poster. Just a few minutes after the incident, a reinforced police squad consisting of five people arrived at the administration building. One of the tries stated:

"There was a message that the photo of the commander-in-chief was torn".

After waiting for the end of the meeting of the Council of Deputies, law enforcement officers questioned those present and left.

In the explanation that the police took from Yuferev, the deputy wrote that he tore up "a portrait of an unidentified man who looked like Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" because he "was angry".

The deputies posted video footage of the incident with the portrait in their microblog on Twitter.

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