Judge Balashov sent Navalny to a general regime colony for 2.5 years

Judge Balashov sent Navalny to a general regime colony for 2.5 years
Judge Balashov sent Navalny to a general regime colony for 2.5 years
20 February, 14:02Society
On February 20, two trials of Alexey Navalny were scheduled at once. In the morning, the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow held a hearing on the complaint of the blogger's defense to replace his suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case with a real one.

In the afternoon, the court will continue to consider the case of Navalny's libel against veteran Ignat Artyomenko.

This time, Navalny's defense came to court with a petition for his release by the decision of the European Court of Human Rights as part of an interim measure. Failure to comply with this decision threatens Russia with the introduction of new sanctions. It is no coincidence that diplomats from 9 countries and an EU representative are also present at today's court session, which, unlike the previous ones, did not last long. Within an hour, Prosecutor Frolova and the defendant's defense exchanged familiar arguments.

Prosecutor Frolova:

“Today the convict and his defense are carefully avoiding discussing the facts. And they consist in the fact that Navalny violated the registration regime seven times even before his hospitalization, and before that - about fifty times. The facts are that after his discharge from Charite, Navalny notified the inspection about himself only two months later. After that, from November 23 until his return to Russia, he again did not make himself felt. The convict is trying to prove one thing: his right to exclusivity, the right to be above the law. For example, to appear at the inspection when it is convenient for him, and not on the set days.

According to the prosecutor, "endless walks, jogging, meetings with relatives in Germany could not prevent him from fulfilling the requirements of the law and informing the FSIN about himself".

Navalny says that the decision to replace the sentence with a real term could only be considered if he was hiding: “I acted absolutely like some ideal person who does not want to hide. The whole world knew where I was. I sent them a letter, bought a ticket, went home. They meet me, they say that I was hiding. Objectively, I could not take other steps so as not to hide. If I was hiding, I would not be standing here”, - the Ekho Moskvy correspondent reports.

As before, Navalny's last word ended with the slogan "Russia will be not only free, but also happy".

Already at 11:28 a.m. Moscow City Court judge Dmitry Balashov, having listened to the opinions of the parties and Navalny's last word, went into the deliberation room. Half an hour later, cameramen were launched into the hall (before that, filming of the meeting was prohibited).

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