Psychiatric examination confirmed Mikhail Yefremov is sane

Psychiatric examination confirmed Mikhail Yefremov is sane
Psychiatric examination confirmed Mikhail Yefremov is sane
20 June 2020, 23:16SocietyPhoto: Корреспондент.net
Actor Mikhail Yefremov, who became the culprit of the fatal accident in Moscow on June 8, underwent a forensic psychiatric examination, the results of which showed that he was responsible.

It is reported by TASS with reference to the source.

"According to the conclusion of the examination, Yefremov is sane, he has no mental deviations. He admitted that he uses alcohol and drugs", - the agency quotes the interlocutor.

According to him, Yefremov was in a state of depression, but his behavior was polite and correct, he was aware of everything that was happening to him.

According to the agency, Yefremov’s defender Elman Pashayev declined to comment on the expertise of his client, citing a non-disclosure subscription.

On June 8, Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Yefremov in his Grand Cherokee car flew into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square and crashed into the courier delivery van of the Delikateska store. The driver of the van Sergey Zakharov received numerous injuries and died on Tuesday in the hospital.

After the death of Zakharov, the criminal case against Yefremov was re-qualified to a more serious one. He faces up to 12 years in prison. Later it turned out that at the time of the accident Yefremov was not only intoxicated, but also intoxicated, which was reflected in the charges against him. A drug trafficking case was also instituted, according to which Efremov is a witness. He is under house arrest until August 9.

Mikhail Yefremov pleaded guilty, publicly repented and offered help to the family of the deceased, however, the lawyer for the victims, Alexander Dobrovinsky, said that no one was making contact with Yefremov. Relatives themselves, according to Dobrovinsky, are not ready to accept compensation. The apologies that Yefremov made in the video message are considered late by the Zakharovs.

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