Oncologist: “During the Fall there will be an explosion of cancer”

Oncologist: “During the Fall there will be an explosion of cancer”
Oncologist: “During the Fall there will be an explosion of cancer”
21 May 2020, 10:41SocietyPhoto: mgnot.ru
More than half of Russian doctors report a deterioration in the availability of medical care during the coronavirus pandemic. A pause in the provision of planned care can lead to an increase in the number of severe cancer patients.

Ilya Chernikovsky, head of the Department of Oncological Proctology at the Moscow City Hospital No. 62, told Izvestia that the load on oncology hospitals has increased due to the fact that some of them have been re-profiled for coronavirus treatment.

- In the Northwest District, three institutions specialize in the treatment of colorectal cancer, including our hospital. Two clinics were redesigned for coronavirus, so all patients who were supposed to be treated there were transferred to us, ”said Chernikovsky.

He is confident that prolonged failure to provide routine care will lead to a deterioration in the condition of patients with cancer.

- Now all examinations are suspended. Accordingly, the detection of oncology at an early stage has significantly decreased. Therefore, in the fall, when many more will return from their summer cottages, we expect an explosion of cancer incidence, especially with advanced stages. And the load on specialized institutions will increase significantly, ”the oncologist noted.

About the catastrophic situation of patients left in Russian hospitals without medical assistance, NI wrote back in April, after the Ministry of Health asked the capital and regional medical institutions in late March to assess how many patients with coronavirus they can receive. Reshaping hospitals, cancer patients were offered to "wait" until the situation with coronavirus improves, and patients with COVID-19 will free the beds.

- Cancer will wait. We are now afraid of a coronavirus, - doctors declared.

So, in the Russian Science Center, about ten postoperative cancer patients were locked up on the floor without supervision by doctors.

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