WHO predicted the second wave of coronavirus in Russia

WHO predicted the second wave of coronavirus in Russia
WHO predicted the second wave of coronavirus in Russia
21 May 2020, 11:45SocietyPhoto: РБК
The representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Russia, Melita Vujnovich (pictured), warned that a second wave of coronavirus disease is possible wherever an outbreak has been noted.

Vuynovich noted that it is important for Russian regions to consider their capabilities in the event of a new increase in the spread of infection. On the air of the Russia 24 TV channel, she recalled the importance of quickly identifying infected people and those with whom they contacted, and then treating and observing patients in isolation.

Vuynovich clarified that there is only the possibility of reducing the transmission of infection from person to person, and this depends on the anti-epidemiological measures. Russia immediately began to take action to protect itself from the coronavirus, the expert said. This, according to Vuynovich, helped the country reduce mortality and slow down the transmission of coronavirus. In addition, the representative of WHO noted, in the Russian Federation they managed to prepare the health system for an increase in the number of cases.

Recall that earlier she praised the Russian capital for the extension of quarantine. The expert noted that the speed of the epidemic depends only on human behavior. Melita Vuinovich called the situation with coronavirus in Moscow “cautiously optimistic” at the end of last month.

On May 20, 308,705 infected with coronavirus were detected in Russia. Over the entire pandemic, 2,972 people died of the disease. 85 392 patients recovered and were discharged from medical facilities.

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