Video of the day: General Ivanov says he is familiar with the “world government”

Video of the day: General Ivanov says he is familiar with the “world government”

21 June 2020, 23:52Society
Major General Sergey Ivanov “declares with all responsibility” that the shadow world government poisons humanity with a coronavirus.

The popularity of conspiracy theories among the modern Russian "elite" - the military and security services - is indicated by the recent, breathtaking kind of speech by Major General Sergey Ivanov, who stated that he knew about the existence of a shadow world government:

“That it [the shadow world government] exists, I can declare with all responsibility, because in my previous position I dealt with just these issues..."

True, the general did not give any evidence of the existence of a world government, as well as information about who is included in this body. It is worth noting that Major General Sergey Ivanov is the Deputy Chairman of the Public Council at the Ministry of Public Security of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Director of the Educational Coordination Center for Special Training of the Ural Federal University.

Journalists found that his work requires access to state secrets. The center, which is headed by a general, implements several continuing education programs: mobilization training of executive authorities of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, mobilization training of local authorities, mobilization training of organizations. Students of these courses are taught the development of mobilization plans, the implementation of measures to transfer production to work in wartime when the mobilization is announced.

It becomes terrible when you realize what this general teaches his subordinates.

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