Maria Arbatova: “Those who fled Russia now will return quickly”

Maria Arbatova: “Those who fled Russia now will return quickly”
Maria Arbatova: “Those who fled Russia now will return quickly”
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“The philosophical ship was in some way Russia, but who was on these“ planes”, - asks the writer Maria Arbatova.

On the Pravda Zhizni YouTube channel, she spoke about her attitude towards those who are now leaving Russia and, in fact, responded to Andrey Makarevich's scandalous statement about "Russia" that "left" Russia.

“In the networks, these people are called “leavers” - from “it's time to leave”. There were quite a lot of them even before these events.

They said: how can you, it’s better there, coffee is better there, buns are better, something else is better...

"Parmesan-leavers" are a separate caste, although, in my opinion, all of them remained here and continue to suffer.

In terms of the number of people leaving, I understand that this is no longer my generation. This is the generation of my sons.

But I have a complete feeling of deja vu, because half of my notebook left in the 1990s.

Knowing their talent and capabilities, I can say that none of them have achieved in the West even one tenth of what they could have done here.

My closest classmate friend, incredibly talented, died three years ago in her castle in Brussels, simply from depression, which prevented French doctors from curing her Staphylococcus aureus, which we treat today in any village.

For me, this is, as you say, a repetition of the past. Because I have the first wave of emigration - my aunt in London has also died, I have a lot of relatives in Israel... But I very well understand the words of my aunt, who said that emigration is a tragedy.

It really is a real tragedy.

Many of my friends were in a state of narcological ambulance, which will connect, pick up, put a dropper, chlorpromazine, and wash for a long time. They all almost fell asleep. Six months in a foreign land with a lot of money - but this is the result.

...Now the successful, prosperous ones have left ... Most of them abruptly rented out their apartments. Housing prices have dropped sharply. Those who can afford to live abroad have left.

But the question, in a sense, is whether they are the salt of the nation or not, and it is completely natural.

Remember, 1991, Andron Konchalovsky is standing and giving an interview that there will never be anything here, but - how the bunny he returned! Came back like a bunny! And he uses public money.

And if you ask a Frenchman who Konchalovsky is, he will answer: is this the grandfather who was driving and almost killed his daughter? And so it was. He "became famous" there only because he got into a catastrophe in France, and was not judged, because he quickly got home. This is a terrible tragedy. And he did not treat the girl there, he treated her here, although before that everything was “watered”, all the components of our life. This is just an example that popped up for me.

I understand perfectly well that the emigration of the 1990s, the emigration of the first wave, is completely different from what it is now.

These ones will return quickly! There is already information that Ksenia Sobchak will come to some well-paid project, that Vera Brezhneva will lead the party.

So, of course, they are not going anywhere. But the question is, what did they mean by that? That Israel is not at war? Israel crushes some Arab teenagers every day.

Are they going to a non-belligerent country? Did they go to the moon? Israel is not a country at all, but a military base! And the rest rushed to the countries that are in the NATO bloc, which are now supplying weapons and instructors (Ukraine).

I understand that if they went to Tibet, sat in a lotus and began to meditate, there is still some concept in this. And to leave just like that, to where it is calmer and where it is more satisfying for their earned money? What is the position, what is the problem?

The philosophical steamboat was, in a sense, really Russia that "had left", but this plane - let's call it an "airplane" - who are these people? Show business stars?

Those people from the philosophical ship were saving their lives, but what are they saving? What did Galkin and Pugacheva save? What saved Ksenia Sobchak, what threatened her personally? That they will take her into the army, to fight?

The entire issue with the participation of Maria Arbatova can be viewed here.

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