Biologist advised people to change the survival strategy

Biologist advised people to change the survival strategy
Biologist advised people to change the survival strategy
23 April 2020, 09:49SocietyPhoto:
Maria Vorontsova, a biologist, a participant in conferences of the UN conventions in the field of animal protection and biodiversity, advised people to change the survival strategy in order to save the planet and avoid a pandemic.

She told RIA Novosti that today the survival strategy of a human as a species leads to the destruction of our environment.

- According to virologists, if humanity copes with COVID-19, but does not change its strategy of the species, then in two years there will be some kind of pandemic. There are a lot of viruses, and they are new to humans, and when a virus or parasite is new, it is usually very dangerous and deadly to the body. Unless we redefine our strategies as a species, pandemics will continue. After this pandemic, we must understand how we will maintain our habitat, ”said Vorontsova.

She emphasized that man has a huge impact on all terrestrial ecosystems. So, due to climate change, kelp algae disappear, which is the habitat for many marine species of invertebrates and fish. In addition, trawl fishing poses a threat - in doing so, deep-sea living organisms are destroyed. Intensive agriculture leads to soil depletion, the expert added. She recalled that under the palm plantations, tropical forests are being cut down.

“As a result, rodents that feed on palm nuts grow in huge numbers in these territories. Rodents appeared - there were more snakes. As a result, the palm plantation is teeming with poisonous snakes and workers are afraid to go there. All this instead of the rainforest. Monoculture is an unstable system, ”the expert emphasized.

Maria Vorontsova is convinced that humanity needs to change its parasitic strategy in relation to nature, to normal symbiosis, but for this it is necessary to choose a different strategy for a person as a species.

Meanwhile, a new environmental disaster is brewing in Russia - in cities. Russian regions run the risk of wallowing in their own trash. The Ministry of Natural Resources said that garbage collapse is expected against the backdrop of coronavirus if the government does not agree to subsidies to operators.

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