The release of the vaccine "CoviVac" suspended for several months

The release of the vaccine "CoviVac" suspended for several months
The release of the vaccine "CoviVac" suspended for several months
23 September, 09:55Society
Nanolek, a partner in the production of the CoviVac coronavirus drug, said that the industrial site of the Chumakov's center for the production of raw materials for the vaccine is under reconstruction now.

According to Kommersant, it follows from the data of Roszdravnadzor that the developer of CoviVac is FNTSIRIP named after Chumakov, from August 28 to September 22, did not introduce new series of the drug into circulation. Earlier, let's cancel, 30-90 thousand doses of this vaccine were produced per month, which is in great demand among Russians.

The publication was told by sources in the pharmaceutical market that the center is not putting new series into circulation due to the shutdown of the raw material production site. Now the developer is installing new equipment, said Sergey Shulyak, general director of DSM Group, and after that it will be possible to launch a scaled production of the substance. In the meantime, the existing facilities did not allow the center to supply a large volume of raw materials.

One of the interlocutors of the publication indicated that the modernization process will take about two months. Transfer production technology to third-party companies in the center of them. Chumakov is not going to.

Last month, we recall, the specialists of the center. Chumakov stated that they would improve KoviVak for new strains of COVID-19, including the delta strain.

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