The law on the simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship came into force

The law on the simplified acquisition of Russian citizenship came into force

24 July 2020, 09:21SocietyPhoto:
On July 24, a law on simplified acquisition of citizenship, signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in April, came into effect in Russia. In order to obtain a Russian passport, you do not need to give up foreign citizenship.

According to the law, those who were born in the USSR and its former republics, but do not have citizenship, no longer have to comply with the requirement of compulsory three-year residence in Russia. The same rule applies to foreigners who have been married to Russians for three years, as well as for those whose parents already have citizenship.

The simplified procedure can be used by residents of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. If they have a residence permit, they may not comply with the deadline for compulsory residence in the Russian Federation.

Let us recall that earlier, in order to obtain Russian citizenship, a foreigner had to renounce citizenship at home. By the way, French actor Gerard Depardieu, registered in Novosibirsk, has dual citizenship.

Note also that in May it was decided to give a residence permit to those who buy real estate in Russia. The President instructed to reform the migration regimes and the institution of citizenship, explaining the need for reform by the fact that the current migration rules are not clear and unified enough.

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