New bans await smokers starting from January 1, 2021

New bans await smokers starting from January 1, 2021
New bans await smokers starting from January 1, 2021
24 December 2020, 10:55SocietyPhoto:
Since the new year, Russians will be prohibited from smoking on the territory of medical institutions, retail outlets, bases and warehouses. These norms will be introduced in accordance with the government decree of September 25, 2020 "On the approval of the rules of the fire regime".

Now it will be possible to smoke at the listed facilities only in specially designated places, said Yegor Redin, managing partner of the law firm "Positsiya Prava" ("Position of rights").

“The leaders of these organizations will be required to post signs with fire safety rules at their facilities warning about the prohibition of smoking: “Smoking and the use of open flame are prohibited”, Redin explained in an interview with Prime.

According to the expert, the smoking restrictions imposed by the legislation have already shown their effectiveness.

"Experts recently noted that after the entry into force of the law "On protecting the health of citizens from the effects of second hand tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" the number of male smokers has significantly decreased. It should be noted that the number of cases of secondhand smoke has decreased by about 70%", - said Redin.

As a reminder, the ban on smoking in public places was introduced in 2013. The restriction applies to the territories of educational institutions, cultural, sports and medical institutions. Also, smoking is prohibited at a distance of less than 15 meters from the entrance to railway stations, airports, river and sea ports. Smoking is excluded in playgrounds, beaches, social services premises and government agencies.

At the end of October 2020, a law banning hookah smoking in a restaurant came into force in Russia.

Experts note that the Russian anti-tobacco law is considered quite strict in comparison with other countries.

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