TV plans to forge an alliance with Kim Jong Un against Biden

TV plans to forge an alliance with Kim Jong Un against Biden
TV plans to forge an alliance with Kim Jong Un against Biden
25 January 2021, 10:49Society
To fight the new administration of Washington, TV propagandists propose to conclude a military-defensive alliance with North Korea, and in addition, to support the liberation movement "A Just America".

Sergey Mitrofanov

So we have a new president. In the sense of the American. Propaganda is looking for something to cling to and how to motivate expected disagreements.

On the contrary, Joe Biden, about whom TV does not tire of repeating that he is in dementia, from the first day outlined reasonable approaches as his priority. It makes sense, he believes, to renew the START Treaty, which under Trump, the favorite of the Russian political elite, has almost completely died. And it is wise not to play a good uncle with Russia. Russia is recognized as a hostile force, and all previously indicated disagreements remain in place.

In other words, if no one needs a world nuclear war today, and a treaty on the limitation of offensive arms will make the world a little calmer, then they will not forget who is who in big politics. Apparently Biden is going to revise any past differences.

Namely, he is going to receive a detailed report again, but this time in the name of his administration, on Russia's interference in the US presidential election - whether it was or not, let's figure it out. About large-scale hacker attacks on American government departments (* the same). Investigate the murders of American soldiers in Afghanistan by the Taliban using GRU money (* in all fairness, they investigated under Trump, found nothing, but Biden decided to repeat it). And also to study the situation around Alexei Navalny (* and this situation certainly was). And, to be honest, I would have done the same if I were the President of the United States. Those. would fight for world peace, but also outlined ethical priorities in "Western politics".

On the contrary, Russian propaganda, which did not get off America for its indifference to the START treaty under Trump, now enjoys portraying "but we don't really need it".

It's not that Russia is no longer afraid of a nuclear war, but here they are well aware that Russian offensive weapons are such a national patriotic bond, perhaps the only one in view of the lack of goods for sale, and it is easy to refuse it or somehow limit it. nobody is going to. After all, it was in vain that we were making rockets with nuclear engines and breathtaking speed? Somehow they must be used, at least "so that we are reckoned with".

Dmitry Peskov formulated this paradigm mildly, almost diplomatically:

“…It all depends on the details of this proposal, which, of course, I am not yet ready to comment on in any way - they have yet to be studied”. That is, maybe such a restriction will not work for us. Let's study, we'll see, it doesn't burn!

But we have the right to expect greater sincerity and harshness from telepropagandists. “We did not ask them, the Americans, for anything”, the host Ye. Popov formulated the reaction to Biden's proposal. We ourselves came and offered it, and we can get away with it, because it is for them, the American rich, a world war to the detriment of, and the Russian people with their level of poverty is no stranger to taking Berlin, one benefit, at the same time entertainment!

But grandfather Biden is not appeasing and, in addition to limiting weapons, has prepared another gift for Russia - the limitation of fracking on the federal lands.

Fracking is a hydraulic fracturing technology that, in fact, provided the US with oil and made it cheap. But she has a small flaw. It is not known what will happen to the planet Earth if oil is pumped out in this way. Maybe a global drought will begin and everything will fall underground? By limiting fracking, we are obviously saving the planet and making oil more expensive, i.e. like, again, in the interests of Russia. So maybe Biden is good after all? Maybe he is "Bidenours" (like "Crimea is ours" - noted by Novye Izvestia) at all?

"Sane" on TV (A. Naumov, M. Yusin, "Kommersant") think so. Let us muffle the ideology of confrontation and act on the field of common interests. “And in general, thanks to Jennifer Psaki for honestly voicing what these comrades are thinking!” However, the Kremlin's radical companions are more important than war, oil and sincerity - so that there is no criticism of the ruling elite and no mention of all kinds of "poisoning".

The latter believe that the Biden administration is such a stupid administration of Barack Obama-2, who, in the Kremlin's view, is something like Trotsky. After all, the communist Kremlin on the eve of the most destructive war with the fascist bloc in history also had exclusive paranoia that the main enemy is not Hitler with tanks, but a lonely exile with a typewriter in a villa in Turkey. For some reason, Obama, who has died down somewhere, does not give the present Kremlin rest.

If, according to Jen Psaki: “Although we are working with Russia to advance the interests of the United States, we are also working to hold Russia accountable for its reckless and hostile actions.” Then the radicals in the elite, represented by Deputy O. Nilov, for example , propose to answer Navalny's topic by concluding a military-defensive alliance with... North Korea ( * I noticed that Naumov shook his head in horror at that time, although he did not dare to object loudly) or even become a North Korea, turn into a North Korea. it would be cool! (* Just don't say that we are already North Korea )

O. Nilov, deputy chairman of the Just Russia faction in the Duma: "If they tear our projects to shreds, like Nord Stream 2, we will respond to these Chamberlains by establishing contacts with the DPRK".

Here is a short list of the accusations against the Biden groups:

- geranthophiles;

- humiliated the American people and their rights (the American people wanted Trump, but he was not given);

- “These people are not limited by anything” (E. Popov), since they have taken over the press, Congress, and anti-Russianism does not meet with resistance;

- Biden is going to raise taxes and turn on the printing press (in fact, one does not always work with the other), and the people will distract Russia and Navalny.

How will we answer them? The plan is also quite clear.

We will find cracks (a huge crack between the Trumpists and the Democrats, cracks between the Western allies), climb into them and expand them ( * Kornilov, Markelov and Grigoriev unambiguously suggest ). It will be cool! And if a Just America for Trump movement appears in America, then we will support it, as our For Truth movement (O. Nilov). (* These are terrible marginals who are offered to merge with the "Fair Russia")

What can I say. Well, Psaki is right: "Reckless actions".

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