Dr. Myasnikov: "And even during covid-times, you mustn't refuse from the right to live a normal life!"

Dr. Myasnikov: "And even during covid-times, you mustn't refuse from the right to live a normal life!"
Dr. Myasnikov: "And even during covid-times, you mustn't refuse from the right to live a normal life!"
25 November 2020, 16:56Society
The bloggers called the post of the famous doctor and media person Alexander Myasnikov, who wrote in his telegram channel that the country is undergoing psychological terror of the population with the numbers of the spread of coronavirus, truly "dissident".

That with a great desire and good will, the same figures could be presented in a completely different way, without causing people to panic attacks that undermine their health. Yes, Myasnikov says that the disease itself will not go anywhere, and that all measures in the fight against it must be observed, but at the same time you cannot deny yourself the opportunity to live normally:

“Once again, I want to draw your attention: when reading the numbers about coronavirus infection, it is easy to get false information. Let's leave aside that the daily published figure of "infection" speaks only of the number of positive tests - nothing more. That at least the percentage of positive tests out of the total should be published. (In Russia, by the way, it is not at all high - look at my previous publications).

Look here: "in the US the number of cases exceeded 11.5 mole", "in Russia 2 million" and so on. And 11.5 million, 2 million are deposited in my head... but 30% according to the official data are asymptomatic.

But simple logic suggests that there are currently not 1.5 million cases in Russia!

Although it is perceived that way!!!

How many people have long ago "thrown off" this virus !!!!.

We consider: COVID-ARI (which is 90% of cases) lasts 2 weeks. How many have been ill in the past 2 weeks? (Minus 30% of asymptomatic) ?? We multiply 15 thousand a day by 14 = 210 thousand, this is how many actively patients we have, and not more than 2 million! The rest have been walking around with antibodies for a long time and they are no longer afraid of coronavirus! Here: 210 thousand for almost 150 million of the population. For comparison: there are 1 million AIDS patients in Russia. 1.06 million people in 2019. And silence..... (in the sense that there is no hysteria in the media. Doctors are working, and here we have everything under control.) All the forces of the media are to fight covid... or to add fuel to the fire - depends on what one wants..."

Journalist Yelena Rykovtseva commented on this post:

“I love that he is a consistent fighter against hysteria and panic. Therefore, I copy a fresh post. And who does not tolerate it at all, well, do not read it. And panic yourself further to health

And no! Despite the fact that this doctor is very fond of the government, propaganda and Solovyov personally, everything he writes in the telegram is absolutely contrary to the official covid mainstream. Absolutely..."

By the way, the same Myasnikov gave his recommendations for celebrating the New Year:

“There is not much left before the New Year and questions start to pour in: how to meet? Should I meet? My personal opinion is of course to meet! Folk, national and religious holidays are what unites us, this is us! Take them away and any nation will crumble, split into pieces! The first thing that the conquerors have done since time immemorial is that they prohibit and persecute the Holidays of the conquered peoples. COVID has already taken Easter and May 9 from us. I persist in my opinion that I shouldn't have given them to him. We have stopped a lot of things ?! Remember that wave. COVID did not even notice this victim! And we noticed! Not only noticed, but also remembered!

As you celebrate the New Year - so you will spend it! Therefore, it is necessary to meet accordingly to this family holiday. Don't worry about how many guests you can invite! Invite everyone you want to see, family, friends. If you want to spend NG together, it's good, a big family and friends will also gather, great!

From the point of view of epidemiologists, the fewer people “huddle together”, the better. In relation to, for example, rabbits and the epidemic of viral myxomatosis, this is absolutely correct. Only we are not rabbits. And as a clinician, I say that you need to celebrate the holidays, you need to enjoy life, and you need to feel yourself a free person! Otherwise, we will be swallowed up by illnesses 1000 times worse than COVID!

I don't care whether the restaurants will work or not! What is New Year's at a restaurant ?! How about decorating the tree ?! And what about Olivier? And bake a duck? And to wave a small glass in anticipation of guests? I never understood people who deprive themselves of this! New Year is a home holiday! Do you want to go for a walk outside - great! On the street COVID is almost impossible to get infected!

But what I am against: against corporate events. For me, in principle, a corporate party is a vicious idea, a collective drunkenness of strangers. Then they are shy to look at each other. Friends will get together anyway, but a colorful team is fraught with. Maybe I'm wrong, sorry then. But here's the truth: an epidemic is not the time for corporate events. Family and friends are one thing, and what I was talking about is another.

In conclusion: COVID will not go away, we need to learn to live with it. If you believe the calculations, then the next surge will occur in May 2021, what will we postpone Victory Day again ?! (Somehow our grandfathers did not postpone the liberation of Prague!)..."

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