TV rushes to save the world with Russian vaccine and hypersonic missile

TV rushes to save the world with Russian vaccine and hypersonic missile
TV rushes to save the world with Russian vaccine and hypersonic missile
25 December 2020, 15:53Society
According to the propagandists, the innate kindness of the Russian people will save humanity from both the coronavirus and hunger.

Sergey Mitrofanov

Not a very cheerful end to the year: political news has practically died, or rather, its counter-propaganda has died. The TV decided that it was better not to strain and therefore tread on a safe, but also a winning topic: a pandemic, a vaccine and how Russia is saving the whole world.

However, elements of political suspense are also possible here. The world is hardly amenable to Russian salvation, and the treatment of people has turned into a battle of medical brands and fierce competition between the products of two antagonistic (as they said under the communists) systems - Russia and everyone else.

(* Because it is not noticeable that Western vaccines would drown each other with such fury.)

We are talking specifically about the Russian vaccine and the liberal vaccine. According to TV, we - the good Samaritans - are conquering everyone, despite the record growth of our own morbidity. The borrowed reportage of Argentine TV convinces us of this especially. They show how Argentina equipped the "plane of life" and sent it to Moscow for the vaccine. Judging by the footage, the country's attention is riveted on this aircraft. Moreover, the tension is so great that it seems that the flight itself from Argentina to Moscow is already a great and very dangerous journey, which must be followed with a sinking heart. Moreover, the pilots, apparently, were visited by doubts: when we fly to Moscow, the Russians will say: "But we changed our minds and we won't give you a vaccine, we need it ourselves." But then the plane took off from the ground ("Will take off or not take off, - everyone thought with a sinking heart, - took off, ufff, hurray"). And now he is in Moscow, everything is fine. The brave pilots did not even take a break, did not go to the Bolshoi Theater, but began to heroically load themselves up with the Russian vaccine and immediately, without wasting time, drove back. Meeting the precious cargo was equated with a national feat and a holiday. 300,000 doses will save Argentina!

Of course, there are so many strange things in this report that even our Popov and Skabeeva, who also do not shy away from exaggeration, could not hide their embarrassment, and the merchant Naumov muttered that with such friends and enemies are not necessary. The point is the pathos, reaching the point of anecdotalism. The situation soon became clear. It turns out that it is not all Argentine TV that is in such wild delight, but only one program, which is being conducted by some ex-football commentator who has switched to the field of politics. And he has such a manner of commenting: he circles, they say, one, circles the other, kick, barbell! Maybe someone else sponsored his program. As for the rest of the Argentine media, according to the same commentator, there is the usual Western skepticism. They did not notice the epoch-making flight to and from Moscow at all. Came out without the slightest information about him. Well, okay… Nevertheless "Sputnik V" still has one foot in Argentina.

At the same time, the merchant Yusin was jarred by pessimism, which was unexpectedly expressed by the Russian "foreign agent" in Argentina Daria Stanislavets. “The locals will be the first to receive Sputnik-V, we can only wait and hope,” she said with a grain of tragedy, when she was expected to be of pure joy. It turned out that if Argentina received a life-saving vaccine and was practically saved, then the Russian "foreign agents" who promoted it to the Argentine market did not, since they themselves are not Argentines, but Argentine doctors and officials will inject first of all. Due to this circumstance, our Yusin proposed to put on the next plane, if there is one, also a small box with the vaccine for our own people, we will not become impoverished, they say. The offer is sensible. Surely they will. But the planes need to fly.

The event gave an impetus to TV's thinking that we, Russia, are kind, we are extending a helping hand to everyone, even to Ukraine (Kommersantovets Strokan: “Thus the myth that Russia brings death is collapsed”) , and they, such scoundrels, do not forget about Crimea and the shot down Boeing, they come up with some stupid sanctions for us. What to do about it?

The answer suggests itself. The principle of reciprocity is needed. In response to EU measures to ban entry "those involved in the escalation of sanctions." But an even sharper proposal, as always, was made by the deputy Oleg Nilov. We must go to ordinary people and give them the Russian vaccine (the businessman Naumov insists on selling it), starting with the supporters. And they will, scoundrels, object, so go to other people and also give them weapons. For example, Iran and North Korea. But the United States ("Sleepy Joe" - as Biden is called on TV) to cheer up with a new hypersonic missile. And to do this until he, the West, agrees that Crimea is ours, that the Boeing exploded under unclear circumstances, and Navalny had an attack of pancreatitis.

This very frank political program did not find, however, equally frank support. Nilov was slightly hinted at a contradiction: how would we start a conversation with saving the world, and then, without any transition, began to threaten him with a nuclear bomb, not comme il faut. Among other interesting proposals of Deputy Nilov in the style of counter-sanctions: to prohibit Russians from watching Hollywood films corrupting their patriotic consciousness. Moreover, the head of the Duma members Volodin (* show) made a proposal to the deputies to celebrate the New Year with a Moscow family, and not somewhere in Londongrad with a London family.

Another topic that has revealed itself in connection with the link with the pandemic is the collapse of the global economy and the impending famine in Western countries. It’s clear in our country, food prices have increased, but the government has administratively appeased them. And in the West, in democratic countries, an ambush. There is liberalism, everyone is pulling the blanket over themselves. The English island was cut off from the mainland, and the strawberries risk not getting to the Christmas table, disappearing along the way. So we were told by an English reporter, eating the same strawberries from a plastic container until they disappeared. The ambush happened to British fish on European tables. Again because of Brexit, bad logistics and isolation. And in America there is generally a pipe. In California, there is already a form of hunger. The poor stock up on low-quality food (* show: how the poor stuff boxes of canned food into cars), from which they then become obese, and the obese, obviously, will die from covid - such a prospect.

Russia has the most brilliant prospect, here people do not get fat - there is nothing, and supposedly a lot of grain. Sanctions help to develop everything of one's own and replace everything foreign (“Replace your smartphone!” - someone quipped), move to the foothills of food in summer cottages. (* It is not clear how to grow sausage there.) And if things go as badly in the world as they are now, then grain will become that magic commodity instead of oil, with which Russia will again buy geopolitical happiness for itself. And then people will no longer look at currencies, but at the exchange rates of grain.

“The grain will be bargained for carats”, the presenter Ye. Popov could not resist, it sometimes happens to him. Apparently, he was also embarrassed by the frank reference to the Leningrad blockade, when businessmen bought up "Leonards da Vinches" for a crust of black bread. It turns out from the discourse that many Russian politicians will try to extend this experience to international relations as well. Get out as a result of world hunger. But the trouble is with this theory, so far our people, too, look with alarm not even at strawberries or British fish, but simply at the "potato courses".

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