60+? Cross out! Ministry of Culture recommends museums and theaters to get rid of the "ballast"

60+? Cross out! Ministry of Culture recommends museums and theaters to get rid of the "ballast"
60+? Cross out! Ministry of Culture recommends museums and theaters to get rid of the "ballast"
26 May 2020, 17:11Society
Amid the "protection" of senior citizens from the coronavirus, culture's officials want to dismiss older cloakroom attendants, cashiers and museum keepers, while for some reason leaving the same elderly representatives of the so called "creative professions".

For many people, such a “concern” will turn into a real life catastrophe.

Actress Irina Tomskaya worries about the fate of grandmothers working as caretakers or cloakroom attendants in theaters and museums. The pandemic put them in a particularly difficult position:

“A few days ago I wrote how older people, under the guise of fighting for their health, are made outcasts.

And now the news arrived in time - the Ministry of Culture recommended, and museums and theaters have to agree with this: so when the museums and theaters open, all the old woman caretakers, cloakroom attendants, aunts in the audience that sell programs are all those who are over 60- they will disappear from museums and theaters - as Marina Loshak (who is also 65 years old, for example) hypocritically writes - “they will be transferred to another work”.

Let's not dissemble and portray a good face in a bad game - where will the caretakers and wardrobe workers be transferred? All of these 60+ are simply fired from museums and theaters. Thus, they will be deprived of both an additional (even small) source of income, and simply the meaning of life - after all, it is known that work at this age for many is the skeleton of life, a familiar way of life, losing which many older people quickly fade away. Although, what is now 60 years old? It is just maturity and experience. When now, at thirty, people are struggling to get out of their teenage mental status.

That is, first do not let older people go outside, inspire them with a feeling of guilt that they endanger society, scare them from morning to evening, deprive them of sleep and mental health, necessary medical care, and then throw them out of society, depriving them of work, go home , don’t get in the way, we care about your health so much, what if you get sick, so just quietly die in your four walls, the main thing is that we don’t see. And if you don’t die yourself, then then we’ll vaccinate the remaining ones with the vaccine, which we made in three months. Maybe soon the ghettos will be made - especially for the elderly? For their own good, of course. Let me remind you, the Nazis often justified the arrangement of the ghetto with the fact that Jews could spread the infection - supposedly so that there would be no epidemics, for public benefit. And now the nuts are gradually tightened - the elderly are locked, expelled from society, under the beautiful words "only for their benefit, this is concern for the most vulnerable."

I recall the dialogue from the film “For Family Circumstances”, where an elderly heroine Evgenia Khanayeva talks with her son (Evgeny Evstigneev). He consoles her: “Mom, she did not want to offend you, she wanted to free you” (from homework). Mother replies: "Release from what? From life?"

They started with caretakers and wardrobes, and there they will quietly “save” the old actors from the audience, and directors from filming and performances, teachers from students — after all, after 60, the main thing is to take care of your health. And theaters with museums are the main breeding grounds for infection. Down with!! Or make it elite so that 25 people go there by appointment.

But for some reason, at the same time, all these ministers, museum directors, deputies who are in no hurry to leave their posts for the benefit of society and the salvation of their own and others' lives are more than 60.

We will all become these 60+, at the age of 20 it seems that they don’t live so much, and at the age of 40 you understand that life rushes much faster than it once seemed to you. And assenting to this bacchanalia, we sign a sentence for ourselves. Because every such person thrown out of life is us. You just don’t understand it yet.


In the comments to the repost, she read that the St. Petersburg cashiers had already begun to be fired.

But many do not need to be fired - it turns out that often such personnel are on a contract, rather than on staff, they conclude contracts with them for a season (at the theater) or for a year. That is, now they simply will not conclude a new agreement.

There is no legislative act - they just touched on this topic from the top - they already understood everything on the ground, quietly execute it.


Some thoughts on comments on publications about depriving older people of their work for their own benefit.

I will not talk about a normal reaction, in this case - sympathy and indignation. When a job is deprived not of a specific person for misconduct or inadequacy of position, but of entire groups of people — simply because they are over 60 — it seems to me that one cannot help but be outraged.

But there were other responses that I want to answer.

1. “Well, why raise the noise, it's the same cloakroom attendants and caretakers, cashiers and kappelders. Here, a pandemic, thank God, we survived, let them rejoice that they were alive, and give them work. Let the flowers be watered on the balcony. So what, that we will soon be 60 - after all, we won’t be touched, we will die and talent, we won’t do without us”.

So, even if you do not play chess and do not know how to count at least one step ahead, then the sad news will cost you too. Only when you understand it will be very late. And in your place there will be peppy younger people brought up by on-line education and personal trainings - they will happily replace you and send you to the balcony to the flowers. After all, when everything is decided only by age, you can no longer look at experience, knowledge, qualifications, talent: "Sixty years? Cross out!"

It is especially surprising to read among people of culture (who are also not sixteen): "so what, these are cloakroom men, I have nothing to do with it". And now quite sympathy for the little man has been canceled? The theme of a little man, sympathy for the weak and disenfranchised - this is exactly what great Russian literature, our cinema, our theater stands on. This is part of the cultural code. And if it doesn’t touch anymore, maybe it's time for directors to wardrobes?

2. “Are these the same grandmas in the museum who rush at visitors?” So they need it. To disperse everyone, I remember how they made a comment to me. ”

Here in that story about our nanny, the doctor who cheated on her, he was a brunette. Counter proposal - let's remove all brunettes from the doctors. What, you say, is illogical? What's the point? So you support the decision to remove all elderly caretakers and cloakroom attendants from museums and theaters. Not a specific person who is rude, but all at once, 60+ to go.

3. "In the Louvre, all the caretakers - about thirty years old, it’s high time to get rid of the heritage of the scoop so that everything is civilized, European."

You know, thirty years ago, advanced people brought plastic bags from abroad, spat on grandmothers with shopping bags, fu, a disgrace, the whole civilized world walks with beautiful bags, each little bag is in a separate bag, such a beauty. And only our bast shoes go with shopping bags, with some rag bags, and in stores the products are wrapped in this gray paper, not in a bag. Urgently remove all this, down with a string bag, long live bags! Thirty years passed, and it turned out that these bags are everywhere, that plastic has dirtied the whole nature, the environment is in danger, and it’s right to walk with shopping bags and canvas bags, and wrap the products in paper. That is, the whole country then collapsed, including so that everything was in bags, so that civilization, but it turned out.

Therefore, don’t touch grandmothers-caretakers and cloakroom attendants, maybe you’re not catching up with something again, you’re progressive, maybe it’s kind of nature that seems kind of senseless to you, namely, it maintains balance in the world, it will disappear - and the whole food chain will collapse. So in society, it seems, we will remove one useless link, and there, suddenly, the whole civilization will fall apart like a house of cards.

Because you just have to start removing people from society - by age, nationality, disability, religion - and hello, the effective manager Adolf, are you proud of us?

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