Google disables part of servers in Russia

Google disables part of servers in Russia
Google disables part of servers in Russia
26 May, 10:56Society
The American company Google has informed a number of Russian providers that it is terminating contracts with them for servicing Google Global Cache servers, which are used to speed up the loading of Google services, including YouTube content. The measures may affect companies that are subject to sanctions.

RBC writes about this, citing its sources in the telecommunications market. In addition, Dmitry Galushko, head of the legal company Ordercom, announced this in his Telegram channel. He noted that several operators received notifications, including Radio Svyaz, which operates under the Focus Life brand. He received a letter from Google's Irish subsidiary, Raiden Unlimited Company, saying that due to "changes in legal practice" the servers would be taken down and Google employees would contact the ISP to decommission the equipment.

These servers were disabled on May 19, and the notification came a few days later. Galushko does not know the reason for the outage, but suggests that Google simply considered the operator not large enough, since a relatively small amount of traffic passed through the server it had installed.

Recall that on May 18 it became known that a subsidiary of Google was going to apply to the arbitration court for bankruptcy due to the impossibility of fulfilling its obligations.

At the same time, until March 19, Google had to pay a turnover fine of more than 7.2 billion rubles on the claims of Roskomnadzor due to the systematic failure to remove content prohibited in the Russian Federation. The fine was not paid, in connection with which, on May 1, the bailiffs brought a case against the company for the forced recovery of funds.

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