On November 30, the first outpatient covid center in the Irkutsk region will start operating

On November 30, the first outpatient covid center in the Irkutsk region will start operating

On November 30, the first outpatient covid center in the Irkutsk region will start operating

26 November 2020, 14:46
The pilot medical institution, on the basis of which such a center will be opened, will be the polyclinic of the Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital No. 8 (Baumana St., 214A). It will treat outpatients with a mild form of COVID-19.

Patients will be able to take tests and consult therapists. Working hours are determined from 8.00 to 21.00.

This became known at a meeting of the operational headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Irkutsk region, which was held under the leadership of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District Sergei Menyailo.

"In the spring, the main burden fell on hospitals, now it has shifted to polyclinics. Igor Ivanovich Kobzev (Governor of the Irkutsk Region - Ed. ) And I went to the clinics, talked with the chief doctors. A decision was made to create outpatient centers to separate the flows of patients with COVID-19 and other diseases. These centers will not only receive patients at home, but also carry out visits", - said Sergey Menyailo.

The Governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev, in turn, instructed the Ministry of Health of the region to submit a plan for the development of outpatient centers based on polyclinics. It is planned that one such organization will operate in the Irkutsk region and seven in the regional center.

"We have also optimized the work of the ambulance. Irkutsk station is now equipped with computer tablets. With their help, ambulance doctors who made the decision to hospitalize understand where to take the patient, whether there are free beds. This significantly speeds up the work of doctors", - said Igor Kobzev.

The Plenipotentiary Representative of the President stressed that it is necessary to increase the rate of testing for coronavirus in the Irkutsk region, which will make it possible to detect the disease at an early stage and begin treatment as soon as possible. In addition, it is necessary to actively involve medical students and doctors over 65 years of age for remote consultations in order to reduce the burden on district doctors.

According to the regional Ministry of Health, currently about a thousand doctors of this age group, who are in self-isolation, have expressed a desire to consult patients remotely.

It was emphasized at the meeting that the epidemiological situation in the Irkutsk region is manageable. The health care system of the region solves the main tasks in the fight against coronavirus. It remains to regulate and step up work to resolve point failures that one way or another occur in conditions of mass illness of citizens, the official portal of the Irkutsk region reports.

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