The whole truth about TikTok: dullness, demoralization, rudeness...

The whole truth about TikTok: dullness, demoralization, rudeness...
The whole truth about TikTok: dullness, demoralization, rudeness...
26 November 2020, 14:51SocietyPhoto:
On one of the popular YouTube channels, StarLife TV, devoted to "news in the field of conspiracy theories", an interesting video appeared about what goals the TikTok platform actually pursues.

“The world learned about the new application in the summer of 2018.

TikTok is currently one of the most popular internet platforms among children and teenagers. It has over 1 billion registered users from 150 countries.

In 2020 - 2021, according to forecasts, the amount of revenue per application will be $ 1.6 billion.

Like other similar projects, TikTok has certain goals, in their videos, completely understandable symbols are increasingly flickering, and new trends and challenges are aimed at demoralizing the younger generation.

The service for creating and viewing short videos TikTok was created by the Chinese billionaire Zhang Yiming. He was born in 1983 in the Chinese province of Fujian into an ordinary family, his parents were civil servants.

Чжан Имин, китайский миллиардер, создавший TikTok.

Zhang graduated from Nankai University with a degree in microelectronics and programming. He worked for Microsoft for a time, and in 2012 founded the Internet company ByteDance, which is now valued at $ 75 billion and is considered the most valuable private company in the world. Zhang Yiming does not lead a public life and does not give interviews.

At first glance, it might seem like there is absolutely nothing wrong with the TikTok app. Young people have fun showing their talents and creativity while creating short videos.

Before becoming available to a wide audience, each video is moderated. Thus, it was planned to prevent inappropriate content from falling into "trends".

In fact, everything is not so smooth and rosy. Let's figure out for what purpose TikTok was created.

The main task of this application is the formation of clip thinking in the younger generation. This is why TikTok videos are as short as possible: users can create 15-second videos.


The maximum length of a video when certain settings are selected is 60 seconds.

Clip thinking is a way of perceiving information and the world as a whole in the form of separate pieces or the so-called mosaic.

A bright, but fragmented and short-term image is formed in a person's consciousness, which is immediately replaced by others like him. It is focused on momentary, superficial perception of information fragmentary and constantly flashing before the eyes.

The prerequisites for the formation of clip thinking in people began with the appearance of the first music videos. But if the earliest clips were a minifilm in which the plot of the song was played out, then since the 1990s a completely different format has come into fashion.

Now the screen flashes short, rapidly changing images that are completely unrelated to the lyrics of the song.

TikTok's 15-second videos aim to reinforce clip thinking in children.

The child quickly switches from one video to another, completely without going into its essence and meaning.

What is the danger of clip thinking? First of all, in reducing the level of intelligence and IQ.

All that clip thinking is capable of when viewing a material is to determine whether it is interesting or not. It is no longer possible to single out the key thought, the main point, to see the essence.

Such important mental operations as synthesis, generalization, comparison are poorly formed.

This perception of information by people is in the interests of the deep state, because people who are unable to think and distinguish between truth and lies are much easier to manage.

The main problem of clip thinking is a decrease in emotionality and the ability to empathize; this is the formation of indifference to other people's problems.

Over time, the feeling of pity dulls in children, they begin to perceive other people's tragedies for granted and a kind of norm. Other people's problems do not touch.

This is exactly the perception that the deep-diggers seek: their goal is to make sure that people do not care about what is happening far from them.


Another goal of creating TikTok is to provide additional options for pedophiles.

On this platform, it is easy for people with unhealthy inclinations to establish contact and gain trust in the child.

Around the world, there have already been many such attempts.

In addition, TikTok is generally aimed at demoralizing the younger generation and fostering false values in children.

In the vastness of this platform, you can find many videos with profanity, a demonstration of boorish about disrespectful behavior towards other people, as well as with fairly frank content.

At the same time, popular bloggers make challenges (a kind of challenge, calls for repeating actions for bloggers, this is the main content of the platform - approx. "NI"), which children and adolescents try to repeat.

At one time, the most popular platform challenge was to stand in front of a mirror and wet your pants.


Children and teenagers repeat these actions after their idols, popular TikTok bloggers.

It should be noted that the videos of almost all popular bloggers on TikTok contain satanic symbols. There are even bloggers, most of whose videos are reduced solely to the demonstration of one or another characteristic gesture.

The annual income of Russian bloggers on TikTok is tens of millions of rubles and is constantly growing.

It's not hard to guess who controls and sponsors their activities".

You can watch the whole video here.

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