A quarter of citizens plan to send their children abroad in the summer

A quarter of citizens plan to send their children abroad in the summer
A quarter of citizens plan to send their children abroad in the summer
27 May, 10:35SocietyPhoto: 1MI
81% of Russians intend to send their children on vacation this summer. 23% are planning trips abroad, including to neighboring countries.

9% of children will travel abroad with their parents, and 11% of parents will send their children to foreign schools or camps. 4% of children will go abroad with their class on an excursion, the RBA reports , citing a study by Otkritie Bank.

Every fourth respondent said that they would send their child to a dacha or village for the summer, 14% - to a seaside resort in Russia. At the same time, last year children's camps - 18% were the second most popular, and schools - the third - 13% . Most of all the participants in last year's survey were in favor of the dacha - 19% .

Spending on children's vacations remained at the level of 2021. 46% of respondents hope to manage up to 30 thousand rubles. One-fifth of the respondents expect costs of 50-75 thousand. 18% will spend 30-50 thousand rubles for the rest of their children, 16% - more than 75 thousand rubles.

36% of Russians set aside money for this specifically during the year. 16% have the necessary funds not to save. 15% of parents borrow money for these purposes from relatives and friends, and one in six plans to receive cashback. Recall that vouchers to children's holiday camps under the cashback program have been extended for this year.

Rostourism sent out invitations and instructions to tour operators and camps. The mechanism of the program will be the same as last year. The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that half of the cost of the tour can be returned - up to 20 thousand rubles. The refund will be made within five working days to the Mir card.

Last time, 700,000 Russians took advantage of the children's holiday compensation program. The total cost of purchased tickets amounted to 12 billion rubles. On March 10, the President of the Russian Federation instructed to resume the children's holiday compensation program this year with the launch of a new stage of the program on May 1.

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