Five residents of Dagestan were hospitalized with suspected anthrax

Five residents of Dagestan were hospitalized with suspected anthrax
Five residents of Dagestan were hospitalized with suspected anthrax
27 October 2020, 09:45SocietyPhoto:
According to the Ministry of Health of Dagestan, a possible center of anthrax was identified in the village of Kakamakhi (pictured) of the Karabudakhkent region in the east of the republic. Over the past three days, five local residents have been placed in the infectious diseases hospital of the Gurbukinsky district hospital.

"Four out of five patients were identified during a home visit by medical workers, the ministry said. The condition of the patients is assessed as moderate, all have skin manifestations of the disease. Under the supervision of infectious disease specialists, they undergo additional examination and antibacterial and detoxification therapy, " the Kommersant newspaper notes. ...

Presumably, local residents could have become infected when butchering meat of domestic cattle, an epidemiological investigation is underway. The Ministry of Health of Dagestan has organized a complex of anti-epidemic measures in the village.

It has already become clear that the same risk of infection could cover up to 14 people, they will be monitored for eight days with a daily examination of the skin and two measurements of body temperature, all possible victims receive antibacterial drugs. Also, to residents of Kakamakha and other villages of the Karabudakhkent region, health workers explain measures to prevent anthrax.

Small foci of anthrax are characteristic of Dagestan. Last year, five residents of the village of Novokuli, Novolaksky district , were hospitalized with suspicion of anthrax, four of them confirmed the diagnosis. The infection was also caused by cutting the carcass of an imported infected goby. Two patients who were admitted to the hospital were soon discharged, but two had to spend more than a month there.

Anthrax is a particularly dangerous infectious disease that manifests itself in humans in the form of carbuncles on the skin and an increase in body temperature. The source of infection is wild and domestic animals. During World War II, Japan planned to use anthrax as a biological weapon.

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