Video of the day: 100-year-old Masha found 92-year-old Vanya

Video of the day: 100-year-old Masha found 92-year-old Vanya

28 May 2020, 16:56Society
A hundred-year-old patient at a Moscow hospital recorded a video message in support of her 92-year-old husband, who ended up in the neighboring building of the same hospital.

Moscow doctor Leonid Krasner published an extremely touching story on his blog, entitled:

"After a day long separation"

A patient entered our department. Masha, Maria, Maria Nikolaevna. In her 100 years, she understands everything, fully serves herself, takes care of a roommate (a neighbor from the boarding school, in the old-timers department, managed to undergo resuscitation), and she feeds me a neighbor with sweets for tea. Physically and mentally, she felt very confident.

The main thing that worried her was where her husband was Vanya, Ivan Ivanovich (92 years old). Maria Nikolaevna claimed that her husband was brought with her to hospital 52. The omnipotent Orbit program in the staff room suggested that Mary’s husband is in the neighboring building. I went there, talked with the doctors, told what I knew, they showed me Ivan. He does not talk, but sees everything well and almost understands.

Persuaded him with a nurse to take pills and eat a little. The link to the request of his wife helped a lot. In the evening, after completing the duty in my department, I entered and gave Vanya to listen to a recording from his only, unique and wonderful Masha..."

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