Video of the day: Mash published a tour in the palace in Gelendzhik

Video of the day: Mash published a tour in the palace in Gelendzhik
Video of the day: Mash published a tour in the palace in Gelendzhik
29 January 2021, 16:07SocietyPhoto: BBC
Journalists from the telegram channel Mash were able to get into the famous "Palace for Putin" near Gelendzhik, the investigation by Alexey Navalny's team about the construction of which gained over 100 million views on YouTube.

Navalny's film told about a gigantic luxurious mansion overlooking the sea, which is under the special protection of the FSO, and in the vicinity of which a no-fly zone has been established.

A technical supervision specialist, whose duties include the inspection of construction sites, helped Mash correspondents organize an excursion to the most famous palace in Russia.

When the film crew arrived at the scene, they saw that the facade of the building was made "10 out of 10": marble everywhere on the walls, but inside the palace there was "one solid concrete".

“Everything is practically at the zero stage of construction. You can't boast with this to your friends”, - the publication summarizes.

According to the forecasts of the builders, it will be possible to commission the facility not earlier than in 5-6 years, since numerous workers work in the palace without any haste. Correspondents came to the conclusion that when the palace is ready, it will be able to turn into a luxurious "retirement home for oligarchs".

In the investigation of Alexey Navalny, it was said that several years ago the famous "palace for Putin" in Gelendzhik, worth about 100 billion rubles, was completely ready and even furnished, but then it turned out that mold had started in the building, and the entire interior of the palace had to be knocked down "to concrete" and start all over again.

Until now, no one has publicly acknowledged that he is the official owner of the palace. President Putin said that neither he nor his close relatives owned the object.

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