Navalny received six reprimands in two weeks in prison

Navalny received six reprimands in two weeks in prison
Navalny received six reprimands in two weeks in prison
29 March, 16:56SocietyPhoto: Facebook
The administration of the correctional colony in Pokrov, Vladimir Region, issued six reprimands in two weeks to opposition politician Alexey Navalny.

Oppositionist Alexei Navalny received six reprimands during his 14 days in the colony, and the commission is considering another 20 complaints about his "inappropriate" behavior.

As the oppositionist said on his Facebook account, he is being reprimanded, for example, for getting out of bed 10 minutes before the command to "get up"; refused to go to exercise, saying to the head of the detachment: “Let's go and have some coffee”, he refused to watch the video lecture, calling it “idiotic”, and was in a T-shirt at the meeting with the lawyers.

"I am waiting for a reprimand with the wording "smiled broadly, although according to the order of the day there was time to suffer", - Navalny said.

He clarified that in order to influence prisoners, the administrations of Russian prisons have two main penalties: a reprimand and placement in a punishment cell.

“You get two reprimands and you can go to the punishment cell, but this is an unpleasant thing, the conditions there are close to torture”, - the politician said.

According to Navalny, he is being reprimanded by a disciplinary commission of seven people.

Before being transferred to IK-2 "Pokrov", where the guards had given him six reprimands in two weeks, Navalny had managed to receive four reprimands in the Kolchugino pre-trial detention center during the same period. In addition, while in the "Kremlin Central" prison he was recognized as "prone to escape", after which the jailers hung a video camera over his bed, and at night, once an hour, a warden began to come to him, depriving him of sleep, loudly announcing that the prisoner is in the cell and has not escaped anywhere.

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