Idea of ​ ​the day: if they taboo to compare Stalin with Hitler you can compare him with Paul Pot

Idea of ​ ​the day: if they taboo to compare Stalin with Hitler you can compare him with Paul Pot
Idea of ​ ​the day: if they taboo to compare Stalin with Hitler you can compare him with Paul Pot
29 October 2020, 15:03Society
Stalin's lovers once again turned to Putin with a request to legally prohibit his vilification.

The writer Sergey Besedin could not pass by another scandalous statement of the former journalist, and now the State Duma deputy Elena Yampolskaya:

“Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, Yampolskaya, at an online conference with Putin, suddenly remembered that in bookstores it is still possible to freely buy publications comparing Stalin and Hitler.

I believe that if the editors in our publishing houses lack intelligence, conscience and disgust to remove such passages, they should be helped by legislation. It seems to me that we have a moral right to tighten the law when it comes to desecrating our historical memory.

I believe that it is necessary to introduce into the Law on the perpetuation of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War a norm prohibiting in public statements to identify the goals, decisions and actions of the Soviet leadership, command and military personnel with the goals, decisions and actions of the Nazi leadership, command and servicemen during the Second world war.

Identical moral assessments here, in my opinion, are absolutely, absolutely unacceptable. We with military historians began to "knead" this topic and are now looking for the most correct wording in order to preserve, of course, the freedom of historical discussion in our country, but at the same time to put a barrier to insults to the memory of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers".

Listen, she's still a very young woman. Several months younger than me. And at the same time, my head is full of the most perfect Stalinist rubbish! I could still understand if this disc was started by some Tereshkova, some 82-year-old Prokhanov who has gone crazy.

I’m already silent about how stupid we look in front of the whole world, when we procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate these old events, threaten someone unknown who is trying to humiliate us, to devalue and devalue something. It would be like the British would regularly notify the world that they would punish anyone who interpreted the Battle of Trafalgar in their own way.

But Yampolskaya's premise itself is deeply wrong. A person can and should compare one thing with another. Its comparative abilities are one of the main engines of progress. It was when primitive people realized that it was easier to roll a round one than to drag a square one, that transport was born. When they realized that meat fried on a fire tastes better than raw meat, cooking arose. Etc. And to compare two cannibals is the most natural thing. Sometimes this can be done even by day and hour.

On June 14, Hitler entered Paris - on the same day, Stalin sent troops to Lithuania, and two days later to Latvia and Estonia.

June 28 - July 3, Stalin annexes Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, on the same days the Germans occupy the British islands of Guernsey and Jersey. Each grabbed, grabbed, tore into pieces everything that lay closer and to which he could reach.

And there are dozens of such examples. Let us recall the textbook Russian film “The Great Citizen”: “Oh, twenty years after a good war, I would go out and look at the Soviet Union of some thirty or forty republics. God knows how well!"

If we compare the scale of internal repression, then Hitler will generally look like a sucker..."

Journalist Yegor Sedov proposed an original idea of how to get around such prohibitions without sacrificing the general meaning of the comparison:

“...Yelena Yampolskaya spoke in terms of prohibitions: to prohibit at the legislative level to compare the goals and actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany. Well, Putin also thought about it.

Well, since it is so, then it is not necessary.

It is not forbidden to compare Stalin with Paul Pot. And what is not forbidden is allowed.

And it is not forbidden to compare with Mengistu Haile Mariam. He had a nickname "Black Stalin" in general.

Yes, there were a lot of these wonderful people (I will probably have enough materials for the Anti-ZhZL series)).

So, comrade historians, associate professors with candidates, I give this idea!

And if it's no joke, they will finish the story. They'll just finish it off. This "don't mention this, don't say that" will simply undermine the credibility of history as a science. And so the trust is not so hot, but here it will simply go to the minus..."

Poet Leonid Lyalin solved this problem in his own way:

Once wrote on the fence

But the story dragged on.

All interesting data,

They will hide from you, accursed ones.

And how the law is thawed -

They equalize Hitler-Stalin,

Pay taxes quietly

They look for analogies

Let everyone who compared their goals

At least they sat down on a two-bed,

The discussion will immediately subside,

Whose are you, East Prussia.

Leveling the Gulag and Auschwitz -

To the zone rather a pervert

What is Himmler to you, what is Beria?

Your term is your accounting.

Thought and sat down is the way

Remove too smart an individual.

The growth of the Motherland's authority,

We will achieve this ban.

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