Yelena Letuchaya is accused of libel and threatened with a fine of a million rubles

Yelena Letuchaya is accused of libel and threatened with a fine of a million rubles
Yelena Letuchaya is accused of libel and threatened with a fine of a million rubles
30 March, 20:09SocietyPhoto: инстаграм Елены Летучей
Olga Spirkina, artistic director of the Ostankino TV School of Television, filed a lawsuit against the TV presenter. According to the plaintiff, Letuchaya denigrates her name.

The virtual conflict between the two ladies began about two years ago, reminds "Sobesednik". Letuchaya - Artistic Director of the Ostankino Higher School. The actress and businesswoman Spirkina, in turn, runs the Ostankino TV School of Television. In June 2019, Letuchaya published a post on her Instagram account in which she reported that Spirkina was illegally using her name and the name of the Ostankino Higher School to advertise her own business, using the similarity of the names.

“I have nothing to do with this institution, I have never studied or worked there, any other information is a lie! And since I am for a quality education, I have to give you the following information: Olga Spirkina's IP School does not have a license for educational activities! This school concludes contracts for training "for consulting (that is, consulting) services"! None of the supervisory organizations in Moscow issued a permit to individual entrepreneur O. Spirkina to be called "Ostankino TV", - said Letuchaya. Then Spirkina did not respond to the accusations.

Recently, the Tagansky District Court of Moscow, on behalf of Olga Spirkina, received a claim for the protection of honor and dignity, as well as for the recovery of compensation for moral damage in the amount of 1 million rubles from Elena Letuchaya. “Why they decided that they have exclusive rights to use the words Ostankino, television, radio, cinema, I don’t understand”, - Spirkina says. "But to be silent and endure when they throw mud at me, as well as listen and read threats, I will no longer". According to Spirkina's lawyer Alexander Mugin, a pre-investigation check on the fact of libel will be initiated in the near future.

Photo:инстаграм Ольги Спиркиной

Olga Spirkina is an actress and TV presenter, she holds the title of Academician of the International Television Academy, a member of the Guild of Cinema Actors of Russia and a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. Spirkina already had a successful litigation experience: a few years ago, she sued a clinic where she underwent unsuccessful plastic surgery and won the case.

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