Coronavirus as a force majeure: the Sparrows bird park asks for help

Coronavirus as a force majeure: the Sparrows bird park asks for help

30 April 2020, 16:58Society
Because of the quarantine, more than two and a half thousand birds, reptiles and animals can remain without food in a bird park in the Kaluga region.

The Sparrows Bird Park in the eponymous village of Kaluga Region, which is considered the largest in Russia, fell into a very difficult situation due to the pandemic: since it was closed at the end of March, the lives of its many inhabitants - and there are more than two and a half thousand brought from different parts of the world - was in danger.

“Sparrow Park” is a private family project. We don’t receive subsidies from the state, we exist only through tickets and excursions, ” said Andrey Tkachenko, director general of the park , to the Social News Agency . - The park operates year-round, but the main season is from April to September. The funds earned during this period are enough for current expenses, and for postponing something for the winter, when there are few visitors. By the end of March, we had practically exhausted our financial reserves, we literally had nothing to feed birds and animals with. ”

In early April, park workers announced the start of fundraising, and this month they managed to raise more than 1 million rubles, mainly due to small donations. Presumably, this will be enough for another month, however, if the park does not resume work in May, the situation will become threatening again, since it is in May that there are most visitors - 30-40 excursions per day, which allows you to earn several months in advance to maintain the park.

You can support the park on the project website.

The owners of the park would like to count on state assistance to small family businesses, but they don’t have to. The state, presumably, has more important things to do ...

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