Nearly half of consumers expect food spending to rise

Nearly half of consumers expect food spending to rise
Nearly half of consumers expect food spending to rise
30 May, 09:05SocietyPhoto: 1MI
49% of Russians who participated in a survey by Trust Technologies (ex-PwC in Russia) admitted that in the next six months they will have to spend more on daily necessities - food.

According to data provided by Interfax, 39% of survey participants believe that their spending on food products will remain at the same level. 10% indicated that, on the contrary, suggest a reduction in spending in this category of spending.

Cost reduction will affect, first of all, household appliances and electronics - 43% . This trend will follow as the prices of these commodities rise due to shortages and restrictions on imports. Therefore, the most promising segment for retailers in terms of expected spending was the food sector. The largest outflow of consumer spending is expected in the category “electronics and household appliances”.

Increasingly, citizens began to be guided by the presence of promotions when choosing a store. But 59% of respondents noted that they mainly choose those outlets that are located in close proximity to buy food. 97% of respondents purchase groceries in physical stores.

Experts specify that even last year there was a tendency to reduce non-essential expenses. The market requires retailers to quickly adapt, such consumer trends continue, and the acceleration of online food sales is an example of this. Retailers are quick to respond to market changes, although they still have many business restructuring decisions to make.

Note that another study showed that about half of the citizens hope that they will be allowed to spend maternity capital on buying a car. Over a quarter of Russians opposed this initiative.

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