Universities in Moscow: the passing score has increased, the number of applicants has increased

Universities in Moscow: the passing score has increased, the number of applicants has increased
Universities in Moscow: the passing score has increased, the number of applicants has increased
30 August, 15:17Society
A press conference was held at TASS to sum up the results of the admission campaign to leading Russian universities in 2022. What is its difference and what the current youth chooses, learned "Novye Izvestia".

Irina Mishina

At a press conference, the rectors of three Moscow universities - MGIMO, NRU HSE and MSTU. Bauman was told about the features of this year's admission campaign. The main thing is to expand the number of specialties and budget places. In "Baumanka" budget reception increased by 6%. 16,600 enrollees boasted at the Higher School of Economics.

The competition for prestigious universities was, as always, cosmic. MGIMO is traditionally the leader here. “The competition was at the level of the previous year, maybe a little higher. For the budget we have 24 people per place, for the contract - 16 people per place. Among state employees there were many winners of the Olympiads. Last year, our passing score was 96.2, this year - 96, for the contract - 84. But this is a preliminary calculation, ”said Anatoly Torkunov, Rector of MGIMO.

At the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the maximum competition for one of the popular programs is 97 people per place, the average passing score is 95.1. At MSTU im. Bauman, the average passing score is slightly above 80.

Some of the applicants passed on preferential terms. First of all, these are the winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads. There are more than 250 accepted Olympiads in Baumanka. True, this university has reduced the list of Olympiads that give the right to preferential admission from 85 to 35 this year. But despite this, enrolled "Olympiads" turned out to be 8% more than last year. 1,383 Olympiad students entered HSE. There are many Olympiad winners among MGIMO students as well.

IT-specialties became the most demanded among applicants this year, and specialties related to economics, law and management are also traditionally popular. “There is a high competition for the department of international relations, in spite of everything, many choose jurisprudence, digital law, financial law. Such a direction as the management of megacities is popular, ”said the rector of MGIMO.

Rector of Moscow State Technical University Bauman, Mikhail Gordin drew attention to the demand for IT specialties and everything related to mathematics and computer science.

This year, the number of “beneficiaries” entering universities has been supplemented by new categories. “The number of applicants who entered under the quotas of employers has increased, the target admission has doubled. Young people connected with the special operation in Ukraine passed on preferential terms; people from the DPR, LPR and Ukraine had special rights. 1,409 foreigners have also been enrolled,” said Nikita Anisimov, Rector of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Universities have expanded the list of specialties. Thus, HSE Rector Nikita Anisimov boasted of the new specialty "Actor" at the HSE Film Institute, as well as the new faculty of "creative industries". And MGIMO, together with the Mother and Child Corporation, opened a medical direction, which will be implemented on the basis of the branch of this corporation in Odintsovo and at the clinical hospital in Lapino.

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