Vanoli ran away. And no one guessed the name of the new Spartak coach

Vanoli ran away. And no one guessed the name of the new Spartak coach
Vanoli ran away. And no one guessed the name of the new Spartak coach
10 June, 21:25Sport
In the new issue of the Football Factory YouTube channel, the key topic was the departure of Paolo Vanoli from Spartak and the emotions around the appointment of a new coach - 33-year-old Spanish specialist Guillermo Abascal.

“Some people don’t understand why there is so much talk about Spartak.

It's very simple: the fact is that Spartak generates more news than all the clubs combined.

Take, for example, Dynamo. What is happening there now? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

And in “Spartacus”, as usual, the heat!

They threw out the most liquid player - Bokaev. They gave a new contract to the boy Kolya Rasskazov. Deafening scandal around the Super Bowl. Incoming rumors that Fedun is leaving.

And now - a new, already official, information - Paolo Vanoli left the team.

I underestimated our prank league a bit, I thought it would be a little calm in June. But bombing - be healthy.

Vanoli's departure has been talked about for a long time. The rumors started back in April. Then a lot was put on the Cup: will it take it or not?

There were rumors before the Cup, on the day of the Cup and after the Cup.

And, as other sources told us, Vanoli was furious at the fact that he was constantly fired.

After the Cup, the head of the press service took the floor, who called the news about Vanoli's departure a fake. And he also denied the departure of Fedun.

So friends, there is still hope.

But Evgeny Melezhikov, the general director, was very cautious. Either he knew something, or, on the contrary, he did not know anything.

And yet, Vanoli left, he could not help but leave. Because there were many reasons.

And you know the main reason, friends - "the curse of Fedun."

In fact, I admit that people did not know anything until recently.

They even say that Vanoli announced his departure only yesterday.

Why? Well, the situation in the world, the pressure from the homeland, the family that is there; information about budget cuts and it is clear that there is nothing more to catch here.

Maybe Vanoli just realized where he was. In addition, there is information about what one of the small clubs in Italy shows towards him.

In the official statement of "Spartak" it is said: "... due to a number of circumstances."

Paolo Vanoli appeared very unexpectedly, and just as unexpectedly left.

He didn't become his. But he wrote his name into history.

And now the most interesting thing, the very moment when logic and common sense are executed in Spartak: in Spartak they think.

However, one of the candidates has already denied everything himself.

Valera (Karpin - approx. "NI") picked up the phone and told him not to call again. But this will not help him, because there is such a job: calling Valera with stupid questions.

Karpin will return to Spartak only if Fedun leaves.

And it looks like Fedun is retiring. His transparent hints and information coming from different sources. The only question is when?

To retire in such a large circle is not to pass a cigarette.

And the coach should be taken right now.

And today is just the day when Mostovoy will answer the question of whether he would like to work at Spartak.

Fedotov, Nikolic, Osinkin - choose any name and you are a real insider. But remember that Fedotov is already in CSKA.

They say that the coach will be with our passport. I assumed that it would be Fedun's brother.

In general, given the scarce market and the lack of time to search, the variant with the Spartak legend is very likely.

When a "legend" is appointed, emotions turn off the mind, euphoria begins and everyone is already in a drum that this is another stupid experiment. This is another failed season, another legend to be mixed with shit.

And six months ago, the name Tikhonov sounded. I treat him very warmly and do not want his bright image to suffer.

However, we have already been told that next season we can expect nothing."


Spaniard Guillermo Abascal has become the new head coach of the red-and-whites.

Guillermo is a graduate of the academies of Barcelona and Sevilla, but he hardly played at the adult level. He immediately focused on coaching education and defended his master's thesis on the topic of physical training and rehabilitation of football players after injuries.

Abascal is 33 years old, but he has already managed to get quite a lot of experience of independent work, including outside his native Spain. This is a modern specialist who is fluent in several languages.

He began his coaching career in the Sevilla youth team, then headed the Swiss Chiasso and Lugano (the latter saved from relegation from the Super League), was the head coach of the Italian Ascoli and the Greek Volos.

At the beginning of this year, Abascal received an invitation from one of the leading clubs in Switzerland - Basel. Under his leadership, the team took second place in the national championship, according to the official website of Spartak.

How long the rookie will last at the helm of the team is unknown. But the leapfrog with coaches, presumably, will never end in Spartak ...

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