"Even my grandmother would play like this with Malta": fans criticized the Russian national football team

"Even my grandmother would play like this with Malta": fans criticized the Russian national football team
25 March , 15:56Sport
After the victory of the Russian national football team in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup qualifier, Internet users were in no hurry to rejoice: instead of words of support, fans showered a decent portion of criticism on Stanislav Cherchesov's charges.

“We are leaving Malta with the victory”, - reads the caption under the Instagram photo of the Russian national team. The team defeated the Maltese national team with a score of 3: 1 and led the qualifying group, which also includes Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus and Croatia.

However, Internet users were not satisfied with the quality of the Russian footballers' game. First of all, they were outraged by the very fact that the team allowed an own goal from the "football dwarf", and up to the 90th minute had every chance to level the score.

"I wonder if we are so degraded, or Malta is the top?", - quotes the "Playmaker" as a fan of mm_sergey.

Other netizens called the outcome of the meeting “shame”, goals “random”, and the game of Russian footballers was compared to the “rural championship”.

“We beat invincible Malta! Handsome men!", - ironically noted 1andrei.yakovenko.

“Why I am laughing? Because I watched the Malta - Russia match. Good game, but not of ours”, - aspopov stated.

“Ukraine is playing in a draw with France, while Malta scores for us...”, - erdyneev_vl.ad wondered.

“This is how my grandmother would play with Malta. We should have scored 5-6 goals for such an opponent”, - ivanrakitici said.

“Unfortunately, we will not see the World Cup with such a game”, - summed up the user with the nickname ch.774r.

Fans expressed dissatisfaction with Cherchesov's work as head coach of the Russian national team. Meanwhile, on his account this is the 21st victory out of 50 matches played, and more often only Oleg Romantsev and Guus Hidding won.

On the eve of football expert Anatoly Gorskov predicted the Russians will win the game with Malta, but made pessimistic general predictions.

In the next matches, the Russian national team will play with the Slovenes - on March 27, the game will be held in Sochi, and the Slovaks - on March 30 in Trnava.

The World Championship in Qatar will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022.

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