Over 150 Russian tourists with covid are isolated in Cuba

Over 150 Russian tourists with covid are isolated in Cuba
Over 150 Russian tourists with covid are isolated in Cuba
5 July 2021, 09:11In the world
More than 150 tourists from Russia were diagnosed with coronavirus upon arrival in Cuba. They are currently awaiting the results of new PCR tests in their hotel rooms.

As the Consul General of Russia in Cuba, Nana Mgeladze, clarified, covid was detected in passengers of three flights that arrived from June 30 to July 2. 133 cases were identified at the airport after the landing of the first flight. Moreover, the crew members also tested positive. Re-analysis revealed 33 infected.

“But even that is quite a lot,” the diplomat pointed out.

Another 130 people were isolated later. It is noted that 14 Russian citizens from those who arrived in Cuba before June 29, ended up in the observatory hotel. One of them was admitted to a hospital in Havana with complications.

At the same time, isolated tourists themselves assure that they are healthy and show certificates of the presence of antibodies. None of them complain about their well-being. Cuban officials would not comment on such figures. Mgeladze called the situation "a country" and "difficult".

“You can conclude that something is wrong in the laboratories,” she suggested.

The Cuban authorities were going to send more than 150 Russians with a covid confirmed at the airport upon arrival to a special observatory hotel, but diplomats persuaded them to leave the tourists in their hotels.

Note that over the past two weeks, the incidence rates in Cuba have increased significantly, and the number of daily detected infections was no longer one and a half thousand, but 3.4. By decision of the authorities, movement between provinces is limited.

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