Media: Canada will return the turbine to Gazprom

Media: Canada will return the turbine to Gazprom
Media: Canada will return the turbine to Gazprom
8 July, 13:10In the world
The Canadian authorities announced their intention to withdraw from sanctions the turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Agreements on this issue were carried out with Berlin.

European Truth and Reuters write about it . The reason for the lifting of restrictive measures should be the argument that the return of the turbine will give Russia the opportunity to restore the pumping of fuel to Europe. The Ukrainian government is aware of Ottawa's intention and has already stated that it is "unreasonable and dangerous for the sanctions regime."

Canada and Germany do not want the absence of turbines to stop Russia from supplying gas via Nord Stream. But Kyiv insists that the sanctions prohibit the transfer of any gas-related equipment to Moscow.

- If, God forbid, this decision is approved, we will undoubtedly turn to our European colleagues with a request to reconsider their approach. Because if countries do not comply with the decisions they have agreed on sanctions, what kind of solidarity can we talk about? - said in the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy.

Last month Kyiv demanded not to return the turbine to Russia.

Recall that we are talking about a Siemens turbine, which is currently being repaired in Canada.

Note that Berlin also asked Ottawa not to return the turbine to Moscow. Such requirements were put forward by the head of the German Ministry of Economy and Climate, Robert Habeck. Moreover, he insisted on transferring this turbine to Germany. He said the move would deprive Russian leader Vladimir Putin of "excuses" for cutting gas supplies.

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