Kennedy Jr. and De Niro lead the anti-vaccine movement

Kennedy Jr. and De Niro lead the anti-vaccine movement
Kennedy Jr. and De Niro lead the anti-vaccine movement
8 December 2020, 09:40In the world
Against the background of the fight against coronavirus around the world, a movement is gaining momentum against the prospect of mandatory vaccination, which is very clearly looming on the horizon.

Many of those who have previously been vaccinated, but on a voluntary basis, also adhere to anti-vaccination agents.

Christina Zabirova

Perhaps the main leader of this movement in the United States can be called Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., a representative of the famous dynasty, the son of Senator Robert (Bobby) F. Kennedy (1925-1968) and the nephew of US President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963).

However, in the ranks of people who were seriously concerned about the vaccine situation, even before any covid, there were such prominent figures as the famous actor Robert De Niro and the famous American journalist Del Bigtree, whose videos have recently been especially actively cleaned up on YouTube.

Four years ago, in 2016, Del Bigtree, together with the famous American anti-vaccination activist Andrew Wakefill, shot a documentary film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

The tape made a lot of noise in the United States, despite the fact that it does not advocate a complete rejection of vaccination. The emphasis is on the combined MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella vaccine - approx. "NI") - against measles, mumps and rubella.

Dear doctors, virologists and scientists (among them there is even a Nobel laureate in medicine, 2008), talk about how in a national organization called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) falsifies scientific research, the results of which, in fact, shape the entire global agenda for vaccines.

Experts draw parallels between vaccinations and cases of irreversible harm to health. Such cases are described using examples from several families.

Photo:Шейла Айли - мать двойняшек, один из которых стал аутистом после комбинированной прививки. Дочь Шейла не вакцинировала.

To watch this film without tears, of course, is simply impossible. At least for a woman. Personally, I was especially impressed by the story of Sheila Aili, the mother of twins - the daughter of Lucinda and the son of Temple.

An interview with her is featured in the section entitled "The African American effect".

Sheila, a dark-skinned American woman, shared the heartbreaking story of how she came to the clinic to vaccinate her babies. Three syringes with vaccinations were intended for each baby, but due to fatal negligence, the nurse injected the boy with the MMR vaccine (combined vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella - noted by "NI") , intended for his sister, so he received two vaccinations at once...

The mother was shocked, called the chief physician, but after all, nothing could be changed - after which she took the children and went home; the daughter was not vaccinated. At home, Sheila's son began to scream heart-rendingly, sobbing and banging his head on the floor. Since then, the family's life has changed, Temple was diagnosed with autism, and this despite the fact that before the vaccination he was completely healthy and developed well...

Now Sheila's children are already adults. During her interview during the filming of the film Vaxxed, her son sat motionless next to her, staring at the laptop...


Robert De Niro, whose son, it turns out, suffers from autism, planned to show this film in 2016 at the prestigious American Tribeca Film Festival, which he co-founded, however, according to media reports, literally a few minutes before the premiere, the film was removed from the screening.

“I think people should definitely watch this film. Indeed, there was a certain pressure and negative reaction, and I will deal with this a little later. I just didn't want my festival to suffer from this negativity. But this film definitely deserves attention. There is a lot of underreported information about what is really going on at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and at pharmaceutical companies. And I, as the father of a child with autism, am very concerned about this situation and want to know the truth. I am not against all vaccines, but I am in favor of making them safe. ...Look, why just shut someone up? Especially when they are scientists. Let's hear what they have to say. But the significance of this problem is simply belittled here. Journalists need to take up these topics and research them. Why don't you mind your own business? …Some vaccines are more dangerous for certain population groups and nobody wants to talk about it. Or we are told that the problem does not exist at all. But this is not the case because so many people claim that their child has completely changed immediately after being vaccinated. So this is not as straightforward a question as it seems. ...People should watch this movie and draw their own conclusions", - said Robert De Niro in an interview with the American television channel Today in 2016.

Meanwhile, the mouthpiece of deepstate - Wikipedia, reports the following about the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe:

“The 2016 American documentary is a propaganda of pseudoscience, claiming that there is a cover-up on the alleged link between the MMR vaccine and autism on the part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to Variety magazine, the film "seeks to investigate the claims of a senior CDC scientist who revealed that the CDC allegedly manipulated data and destroyed information about important research on autism and the MMR vaccine"; critics ridiculed Vaxxed as an anti-vaccination propaganda film. The film is directed by discredited anti-vaccine activist Andrew Wakefield".

Один из главных правдорубов США Дэл Бигтри, которого регулярно "зачищают" в интернете, принял активное участие в подготовке продолжения "Отвакциненных".

In November 2019, a sequel was released - "Vaxxed II: The People's Truth". This time the film was produced by the aforementioned Robert Kennedy Jr., one of the most ardent opponents of vaccination.

The script, according to the same Wikipedia, was based on video interviews of people who told their stories to those who drove the Vaxxed first part promo bus across the United States in 2016. There is also a commentary from Newsweek that the film allegedly “advertises the myth that there is a 'vaccine injury epidemic'” and that “the trailer contains disturbing footage of parents making anecdotal and unsubstantiated statements that vaccines cause developmental problems in their children, including autism".

How much the testimonies of people about what happened to their "vaccinated" loved ones, "anecdotal and unfounded," as the official American media claim, you can get an idea for yourself, at least by examining the Instagram profile Vaxxed2 , created by the authors of the film (there are already more than 36,000 subscribers , and Robert Kennedy Jr. himself has 733,000 - approx. "NO") or by watching the picture on YouTube, while it has not yet been removed from here. The tape's motto is: "This is the movie they don't want you to see".

Meanwhile, blogger varjag2007su has published important information for thought in this context . In his material, the author recalls: on January 25, 2017, it was Robert Kennedy Jr. that US President Donald Trump proposed to lead the Task Force on Vaccine Safety.

In May of the same year, Kennedy signed the No to mandatory vaccinations for the coronavirus petition! (“No Compulsory Coronavirus Vaccinations!”), Compiled by the Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

Among the signatories there are hundreds of politicians, lawyers, publicists, priests, doctors, virologists.

“We demand from the leaders of governments of the countries of the world to ensure strict exclusion of forms of control over people,” the appeal says, “whether it be through tracking systems or any other form of locating a person. The fight against the coronavirus, however serious it may be, should not serve as an excuse to support the hidden intentions of supranational corporations with very strong commercial and political interests in this regard. We demand that citizens be given the opportunity to refuse vaccinations and restrictions on personal freedom without any punishment or fines, ”the petition says.

To date, this petition has been signed by over a million people.

On July 27, 2020, trials of a vaccine developed by the American company Moderna began in the United States. The testing, which will be the largest in the world, will involve 30,000 volunteers. Moderna received an additional $ 472 million from the US government for testing. Prior to that, at the beginning of the year, she was allocated $ 483 million in funding for the development of the vaccine, its testing and preparation for mass production.


During an online debate with Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz on compulsory vaccination of the population in the United States (Dershowitz was a lawyer for Donald Trump, Julian Assange and Jeffrey Epstein) Kennedy Jr. emphasized: “Developers of the vaccine from the leading pharmaceutical company Moderna, in pursuit of profit, they artificially shortened the production time of the vaccine, they skipped testing the drug on animals".

Testing the Moderna vaccine, according to Kennedy, was a complete failure, varjag2007su recalls. The vaccine was tested on 45 volunteers, of whom four became ill and were hospitalized with severe immune system damage. “However, despite these serious problems, Moderna still orders two billion doses of this poison. Are they crazy?" - Kennedy is indignant. "Gates seems confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now enable him to pursue his dictatorial vaccination programs around the world".

“Another problem with testing a vaccine is that it is not being tested on 'typical Americans', but on a carefully selected group of people who do not suffer from any diseases”, - noted Kennedy Jr.

“All the leading vaccine companies, namely Moderna, Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck, are convicted serial criminals. Over the past 10 years, they have paid $ 35 billion in criminal penalties and fines for lying to doctors, for fraud, for falsification in science, for the deliberate murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans, ”said Robert Kennedy Jr.

In the comments to the video debate between Kennedy and Dershowitz Kennedy Jr., YouTube users were almost unanimous. Dershowitz, by the way, agreed with many of the arguments of his opponent, but noted that "from the point of view of constitutional law" vaccination against coronavirus can still be made mandatory.

In social networks, Robert Kennedy Jr.'s warning about the dangers posed by the so-called messenger RNA vaccines (mRNA), which includes not only the Moderna vaccine, but also a number of others, is actively spreading.

"For the first time in the history of vaccination, the latest generation of mRNA vaccines will directly interfere with the patient's genetic material and therefore alter the individual's genetic material, which is genetic manipulation, which is prohibited and was previously considered a crime," says Kennedy. The damage caused by mRNA vaccination, in his opinion, will be genetically irreversible.

Recall: Novye Izvestia wrote about the speech of Robert Kennedy Jr. during the "March of the Crown Skeptics" in Berlin on August 29, 2020.

His speech was greeted with a standing ovation. “We need health officials who have no financial connection to the pharmaceutical industry. That is, those who work for us, not for Big Pharma. We want officials who care about the health of our children, not the profits from the pharmaceutical sector or government control, ”said Robert Kennedy at the time.


Returning to our Russian realities, Novye Izvestia believes that in this regard it is very appropriate to recall the words of Gennady Onishchenko, which he said during an interview for the TVC channel several years ago, after his dismissal from the post of chief state sanitary doctor and head of Rospotrebnadzor.

“...By bribery of any unseemly actions, taking advantage of the liberality and worthlessness of our legislation in the field of immunobiology, a number of multinational companies dealt with issues related to tests, in fact, on our children.

One example is the cervical cancer vaccine. There are several vaccines, but they are not fully legalized even in the countries of origin, nevertheless, we are vaccinating.

They enjoy the high level of our health care, because we can vaccinate and evaluate, they take advantage of the imperfection of our legislation, because we do not have a tough provision in the legislation - to vaccinate only with our own vaccines.

To some extent, we are turning into that third world country, on whose people tests are carried out. In the Soviet Union, the Main Directorate was called the Anti-Vaccination Directorate ... because the first person who told my mother “don’t try to vaccinate your child” was a pediatrician. Now our pediatricians are the very first to shout "let's vaccinate!" Because other mechanisms are at work. "

We also recall: Advisor to the Minister of Health of Russia Sergei Glagolev admitted that in the coming years, vaccination against coronavirus infection may indeed become a prerequisite for traveling abroad in addition to a passport, RBC reported this with reference to the TASS agency.

"A more optimal approach would be the introduction of international vaccination schemes or really evidence of a past disease, confirmed by antibodies or certain data on cellular immunity", - Glagolev said.

Meanwhile, a precedent has already been set: Australia's flagship airline Qantas will require passengers on international flights to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as soon as vaccinations become available. This was reported on November 24 by CNN.

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