The involvement of Ukraine in the destruction of Boeing MH17 was rejected by the Netherlands prosecutor

The involvement of Ukraine in the destruction of Boeing MH17 was rejected by the Netherlands prosecutor

10 June 2020, 16:20
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Photo: AFP
The Netherlands Prosecutor’s Office concluded that the Ukrainian army could not bring down a Malaysian Boeing, flying in July 2014 with flight MH17 in the sky over Donbass using the Buk anti-aircraft missile system. They carefully studied this version, but did not find any evidence.

Two days ago, in the Dutch city of The Hague, court hearings in the crash case of the Malaysian Boeing were resumed on July 17, 2014. "There is no evidence indicating that the plane was in a radius in which it could be shot down by the Ukrainian armed forces", - Interfax quoted the words of one of the representatives of the prosecution at a court hearing in The Hague.

Investigators investigating the tragedy of six years ago examined telecommunications information and determined the area from which a rocket could be launched through a passenger liner. As a result, experts came to the conclusion that she was released from the area of the village of Pervomaisky, which on the day of the death of the airliner was not under the control of the armed forces of Ukraine, RBC notes.

Based on these reasons, the Joint Investigative Group published a report back in 2016, which concluded that MH17 was shot down precisely from the Pervomaisky district, ”said Dutch prosecutor Theis Berger. Earlier, the Dutch prosecutor said that radars did not record the flight of a rocket or plane at the time of the crash. However, according to Theis Berger, they might not have noticed a small missile fired from the Buk M1 anti-aircraft missile system. The prosecutor also did not rule out that the data on the launch of the rocket could be deliberately deleted.

Recall that the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 killed all 298 passengers and crew on board. Ukraine and Western countries insist that the airliner was shot down from the Russian Buk complex belonging to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade deployed in Kursk. In Russia, they deny these allegations.

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