Personal experience: no businessman will suffer from the pandemic in Germany

Personal experience: no businessman will suffer from the pandemic in Germany
Personal experience: no businessman will suffer from the pandemic in Germany
11 April 2020, 12:07In the world
At the very beginning of the epidemic in Germany, Angela Merkel made a loud statement that the state will not leave businessmen in trouble, and she keeps her word

Novye Izvestia has already published reviews by German citizens on how responsibly the German government approached the problems of small and medium-sized businesses that arose in connection with the epidemic. And here's another piece of evidence that is left enterpriser Claudia Ziryukina whose business in Germany is linked to the tourism-industry which is particularly affected in these days:

“I want to sing an ode to my native (acquired) state. March 13, it became clear that in the near future tourism will not work out very well, respectively, my husband and I are left without income. The Chancellor immediately announced that no entrepreneur would close due to a pandemic. Our actions:

1. They wrote in a tax request to exempt from taxes for 20 years. Released.

2. They wrote to the bank a request to freeze mortgage payments for 6 months. Frozen.

3. We wrote to the insurance companies statements about termination of the contracts (not binding and not very important), complained that we did not meet the deadlines for terminating the contracts, but after the letter, with a reminder of force majeure and the proposal to refer the conflict to court, they terminated.

4. As soon as the paper appeared on the website with a questionnaire for assistance from the state (for 3 months), we filled them in, it was March 26, today the requested money has arrived in the account. Free of charge. In different federal states, the amounts are different.

Plus, the state has announced that any unpaid invoice can be paid without charging a penny.

Plus, the state has announced that everyone affected by the pandemic may not have to pay rent, and the landlord does not have the right to demand it within 6 months. For these months, tenants are required to pay until 2022. If the landlord was the only income, then he will receive free assistance from the state, as well as other entrepreneurs.

What can you say - Germany is an absolutely social state.

Is this the case in all countries? ”

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