Alleged accomplice to assassins of Haitian president arrested

Alleged accomplice to assassins of Haitian president arrested
Alleged accomplice to assassins of Haitian president arrested
12 July 2021, 10:09In the worldPhoto: АР
Haitian police have arrested the alleged accomplice of the organizers of the contract assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

According to security officials, the arrested person is Christian Emmanuel Sanon, he flew to Haiti on a private plane, ammunition and parts of weapons were found at his house.

“This man arrived in Haiti on a private plane for political purposes,” Kommersant quotes a statement from the head of the National Police, Leon Charles.

The police believe that at first the conspirators planned not to kill, but only to arrest the head of state. Later, however, "the mission changed."

Among the evidence found in the house of the detained Sanon, police pointed to a cap with the logo of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), four Dominican Republic license plates, two cars and correspondence with unidentified persons.

In total, 26 people came under suspicion of the authorities in connection with the murder of the President of Haiti, 18 of whom were arrested, three were killed during detention, and five are still at large.

The police compare the conspirators to commandos and call them "dangerous people."

The attack on the residence of the President of Haiti, who was called the "banana dictator" by the opposition, took place on the night of July 7. Armed men who spoke Spanish broke into the residence of the state. From his injuries, 53-year-old Jovenel Moise died on the spot. His wife, Martin Moise, was also injured and was taken to hospital in critical condition. Martial law has been introduced in the country.

The heads of the presidential security service were suspected of inaction in the assassination attempt, they were summoned for interrogation. The media write that 12 bullets hit the president, and his bodyguards were not injured.

After the assassination of the head of state, the President of the Haitian Senate Joseph Lambert became the interim president of the country. The US authorities, following a request from the Haitian authorities, sent a technical team to the country to investigate the assassination of the president.

Since 2018, there have been protests in Haiti demanding the resignation of Moise due to corruption scandals and the deteriorating economic situation in the country. Due to protests, parliamentary elections were postponed, and since January 2020, the president has virtually ruled the country solely. The referendum on strengthening presidential power has been postponed twice due to the coronavirus pandemic. In October 2018, an attempt was made on the head of state, but he was not injured.

As political scientist Alexander Kynev, who visited over 100 countries of the world, commented on the situation with the murder of Moiz, Haiti under Moise was one of the extremely dangerous states, including for travelers.

“I was in Haiti. We walked around Port-au-Prince with an escort (hired, somewhere we took a taxi), ”the political scientist said.

According to him, Haiti is “worse than in Africa”: poverty, unsanitary conditions and devastation are all around.

“As local patriots say, this is a consequence of a worldwide conspiracy against the first independent state of blacks (they massacred almost all whites after independence). They killed him in Pesionville - this is a decent satellite city of Port-au-Prince, where you can walk the streets, and it looks like a normal city, " said Kynev.

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