Strongest protests in 30 years gripped Cuba

Strongest protests in 30 years gripped Cuba
Strongest protests in 30 years gripped Cuba
12 July 2021, 10:06In the worldPhoto: AP
In Cuba, thousands of people have taken part in protests against restrictions related to the spread of COVID-19, the deteriorating economic situation and the oppression of civil liberties.

Thousands of protesters with placards flooded the streets. One of the demands of the protesters was calls to accelerate the supply of vaccines to the island against coronavirus, to resume the flow of scarce food and electricity, and also to eliminate the political dictatorship. The slogans "Freedom", "Down with communism" and "We are not afraid" were popular in the ranks of the protesters.

“People are protesting against the crisis, against the fact that there is no food or medicine, everything has to be bought in foreign currency stores”, - reports The Insider.

The country's authorities called what was happening on the streets of Cuban cities a "provocation" and demanded that the communists take to the streets to resist opposition protests.

These protests in Cuba have become the largest since 1994, while they have spread not only to the capital, but also to at least 20 other cities in the country.

As the protesters occupied downtown Havana, police began to press them, beating the protesters and spraying pepper gas in their faces. One of the victims of police beatings was a photojournalist for the Associated Press.

According to Kommersant , the United States will strongly condemn the violence that will be used against protesters in Cuba, said US President's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“The US supports freedom of expression and assembly in Cuba and will strongly condemn any violence or attack against peaceful protesters who exercise their universal rights”, - Mr. Sullivan wrote on Twitter.

Cubans began to protest against the backdrop of a rapid increase in the number of coronavirus infections, with 6,923 cases of the disease and 47 deaths on the island per day. The people are outraged by the aggravation of the economic crisis, which provoked the impoverishment of people, as well as interruptions in the supply of vital goods. For every little thing, residents have to stand in long queues in stores. Tourists who have recently visited Cuba note the extreme poverty prevailing on the island and complain about the inability to buy basic hygiene products. “Everything you need on your trip to Cuba must be taken with you,” the travelers warn.

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